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2018 OWL All-Access Pass for $15 USD

Are you the type who looks to collect all you can in a game? Or maybe you’re wanting that sweet Lucio emote to bust out during your next Quick Play match?  Then you may want to give the 2018 Overwatch League All-Access Pass another look.

Courtesy of Twitch and Blizzard Entertainment

Originally retailing for $30 USD, picking the All-Access Pass up provided you a whole whack load of digital goodies as well as exclusive Overwatch League content for the 2018 season:

  • Match Analysis Videos by Players
  • Post-Match Q&A VODs
  • Passholder-Only Chat Access
  • Ad-Free Viewing on Overwatch League
  • Overwatch In-Game Content
  • Twitch Badges and Emotes

While the first four items won’t get all that much value for the remainder of 2018 (your all-access pass expires prior to the start of the 2019 season), paying $14.99 USD will still score you the Overwatch In-Game Content, as well as the badges and emotes on Twitch, which you get to keep “forever.”

Will you be pulling the trigger?  Or is the value just not there for this half-priced bundle?  Let me know in the comments below.

Overwatch Gilded Gala

Last week we learned of the Overwatch California Cup, and I wondered how many more of these “regional derby matches” we might see.  Well so long as you don’t mind the lack of “regional” specificity, we didn’t have to wait long to see another sprout up.

While the premise of the Gilded Gala will be similar to the California Cup, with the Spitfire and Outlaws playing in a home and home series, the actual style of play will be different.  Featuring only three to four players from each of the squads, they will play “unique and fun game modes,” such as 1v1s, mystery heroes (my jam!), pros versus fans and more.  The two events also look to feature local social media personalities to act as a broader draw.

We’re really excited to have put something special together for the fans, and it’s been great teaming up with the Outlaws to do it.  The amount of support we’ve gotten from our hometown fans continues to be phenomenal and I couldn’t be more thrilled to have the team in London. The Overwatch Gilded Gala is going to be an event to remember for both the cities of London and Houston.

Jack Etienne, London Spitfire CEO & Owner

Think you’re game to attend either of the dates?  Make sure you’re in London on October 20, 2018 for the first leg, and available sometime in January 2019 for the second leg in Houston (a specific date is not yet available).

So… which two sides will we see match up next?

2018 Overwatch World Cup Round of 8

This past weekend, France and the United Kingdom booked their tickets to join Australia, Canada, China, Finland, South Korea and the United States at BlizzCon to sort out who will be declared 2018 Overwatch World Cup Champions.

Immediately after the final group stage, these final eight teams were then split up again into a couple of groups with the first-place teams in each group being randomly matched with a second-place team.

Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

These four matches will be played on November 2, followed by a semi-final, with the finalists competing for the championship on November 3.

So which match-up excites you the most?  Canada vs. Everyone, right? No bias whatsoever…

Developer Update – September 2018

If you don’t have enough time to watch the video, here is the TL;DR:

  • Torbjorn
    • Secondary ability will pivot from tossing armour, to giving Torb a short boost similar to “old” ultimate.  Tossing armour & scrap retrieval will be removed.
    • Turret will auto-build to level 2 & can be tossed a short distance.
    • Molten Core ultimate will be revamped and have Torb shoot a pool of molten lava that does significant AoE damage with bonus damage to armour.
    • Rivet gun changes to be announced at a later date.
  • General Hero Changes
    • Orisa’s gun will experience minor changes.
    • Solider 76 & McCree will receive minor changes to improve viability.
    • Pharah changes will reward high-skill player, reduce splash damage in low-skill areas.
  • Colour Blind Improvements
    • Options to select colours that work for you.
  • Events
    • New cosmetics will continue to be added.
    • Junkenstein gets a “bride” in Hallowe’en Terror.
    • Hallowe’en Terror event won’t change significantly.
  • Development Team Focus
    • Balance changes
    • Quality of life changes
  • Third Social Feature
    • Coming soon, just not this soon due to technology challenges to get it right.

While more will trickle out as these updates hit the PTR, and the patch notes get updated, it will be really interesting to see how the rework of Torbjorn will impact his pick-rate in Overwatch League.  Will an attack Torb be a viable option?  Or will he remain a choke-point champion limited to area control?

Vancouver to Sign RunAway Roster?

Late tonight reports began to sift out that the Vancouver franchise was set to sign the entire RunAway roster, and pick up paJion from Fusion University (the academy team for the Philadelphia Fusion who play in Overwatch Contenders) as coach.

This report was further supported by mykL:

As mentioned in the above tweet, nothing official has been announced as of yet so we shall continue to wait with baited breath.  If the news is true, this is how the roster would immediately shape up:

It should also be noted that RunAway won Contenders 2018 Season 2 – Korea by defeating Team KongDoo Panthera, so there is some championship pedigree to this squad.

Do you think this is the correct course for the Vancouver franchise to take?  Let us know down in the comments!


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