While waiting for a tardy member of my fire team to arrive to give Crota what for years back, a couple of Guardians (who shall remain unnamed) decided to race each other to the bridge to determine who knew how to Destiny best. As I was chosen to be the official of this epic race, I appointed myself race starter and proclaimed, “Ready? Set? PWN!”

As I listened to those in party chat laugh at my irreverence, or quite possibly at me, it struck me that those three words could be used for a blog, or a podcast, or a brand of some sort.

The next day back in 2016, the domain came to be.

And here it sat.

Overwatch - Anniversary 2018
Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

The Impetus for Change

Over the past few years I thought of what I could make of this site & even went as far creating some content – a few posts & a video review.  Yet it just didn’t resonate with me.  I even thought I could create a gaming podcast, yet that didn’t happen either.

Then this happened:

Those who know me, know how much I enjoy firing up Overwatch for an hour and just givn’r.  It’s an “adult-friendly” game that understands you may only have 20 or 30 minutes every so often, and respects the need to make the most of that time.

But I digress.

I’m also a fan of the Overwatch League.  While I don’t aspire to be the next Fissure or Gesture, I do enjoy watching them play so I can pick up my own game.

So when it was officially announced that I’d have a “local” team to support in the 2019 OWL season, I was pretty darn excited!  Whether it’s the Vancouver Canucks, the BC Lions, the Vancouver Whitecaps, the Vancouver Canadians, so on and so forth, I’m a proud supporter of each.  So it will be pretty darn nice to add an eSports franchise to the fold.

The Effect from the Cause

Immediately after the announcement, I knew I had a call-to-action for Ready Set Pwn – this site would become the home to a Vancouver-centric Overwatch League podcast.  And while the podcasting game is something I’ve been doing for a few years now, I’m also thinking this would be a good place for me to aggregate news on the “yet-to-be-named” Vancouver franchise.

Things will start slow.  I will add news as I discover it, and once we’ve got a little more meat on the bone, the first podcast episode will be released.  Yet as it’s just me here in the beginning, there’s only so much one guy can do with a side-project among a few.

Yet if you’ve made it this far, and consider yourself someone with an itch to get involved, I’m open to ideas.  Podcasting on your own is next-level stuff, so if you think you’ve got the podcasting chops, and don’t mind hanging out with a Reinhardt main – contact me.  Or maybe podcasting isn’t your thing, yet writing solid blog content is, I’m all ears.

Catch phrase!

Honour and Glory
Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment