It has been very quiet here on the Pacific Northwestern front of the Overwatch League and the influx of news for the other expansion teams only makes it more apparent. Colours, skins and logos were revealed to the delight of the community and have kept the OWL flames burning while we all patiently wait for the 2019 season. Of the 8 expansion teams, 6 were officially revealed, one leaked unofficially and lastly, nothing from our Vancouver… Titans? who knows what we’ll be called, really?

What is left to do in the meantime then? Why, criticizing the branding of our rivals of course! I will go by the order of reveals and give my (entirely objective) opinion and state what I have found to be Good, Bad and Mediocre.

Atlanta Reign

The team to spearhead the reveals, initially famous for their peaches but now mostly for the Dafran experiment.

Good – The Reign’s reveal video is, in our opinion, the standard to which all video reveals should aspire to be. The music – awesome, the editing – awesome, the jebait at the end – legendary. Nothing quite sets the tone for the Reign’s wild ride like their video does, and I can’t wait to see how it all pans out. 

Bad – While I do not hate the logo’s appearance and colours, I cannot ignore its uncanny similarity to Pokemon Go’s Team Valor, and the fact that everyone inthe organization did ignore it is strange. It’s not a bad logo but it is unoriginal.

Mediocre – The team’s name could have been a bit better, with no local relevance to Atlanta (unless there was some regal Atlanta history I was not aware of) the “Reign” kind of comes off as too generic and too reminiscent of Seoul’s “Dynasty” template while lacking in context.

Next in line, is the Toronto Defiant.