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The first team from the newly added Chinese bunch will be the Guangzhou Charge. Rumoured to boast a mostly Korean roster they’ll be charged with reclaiming the Chinese franchise honour in the Overwatch League in 2019.

Guangzhou Charge

Will it be a good season for team GZ, or will it end like for the Dragons, with a GG EZ.

Good – Two things I like in Guangzhou’s branding, first is the teal colour which is coincidentally my also my favourite and even though it is a shade of the overused blue it is different enough to appear fresh. Another thing I love is how they’ve made everyone’s life easier by using the catchy Team GZ name instead of making everyone butcher the pronunciation of their city name. Lastly, this teaser video was sick:

Bad – So what’s the deal with the general electric terminology? Can’t wait to see the reveal of 2020s expansions: The Beijing Resistance and the Busan Volts.

Mediocre – The Logo is neither great nor bad, hence why it is mentioned here, the GZ is rather bland and its only redeeming quality – the negative space lightning bolt is a nice touch, but not enough to push it into the better half of OWL logos.

Lastly, we can only deem one sponsor as acceptable for the Charge:

Next in line, is the Chengdu Hunters.