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Even though Chengdu will just be one out of four Chinese teams in the upcoming season, it will be the only one bravely boasting a mostly Chinese roster. After the abysmal results of the Dragons in the inaugural season, I can only commend the Hunters with the bold statement they are trying to make. From what we’ve seen in the 2018 OWWC, there is potential in a Chinese roster if done right.

Chengdu Hunters

According to leaks, Chengdu will join the Eternal as the only 2 teams without a single Korean.

Good – The hunters are truly embracing the Chinese brand and boast a rugged Panda logo as the face of their franchise. Other than being badass, the panda has already established some infamy on twitter with its cuter sweater(?)-clad rendition, incessantly appreciating everyone’s support.

Bad – Does the Hunter label really fit with the cuddly lazy Panda bear? not really. While a cute dichotomy, I can’t help to think something better could’ve been chosen for the Chengdu Panda whose meat consumption constitutes even less than 1% of its diet…

Mediocre – While I do consider it to be the best attempt (so far) at pulling off the difficult yellow as a main colour brand (and it is better than the Mayhem’s or the Valiant’s attempts). So why is it under mediocre you ask? Because when I’m looking at the official skins and the logo image, I still don’t get what the colour palette is. Is that orange or brass? where’s that yellow in the logo? There’s not enough uniformity of colours in that particular image like with other teams – a big no-no in branding.

Next in line, the Hangzhou Spark.