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Okay, we have to address the pink elephant in the room. We have arrived at our last stop with our reviews, at least until Vancouver and Washington DC decide to finally wake up that is. Currently, the latest to reveal their branding, and by far the boldest, the Spark who are owned by Bilibili – essentially the Chinese Crunchyroll – have fully embraced the anime culture and went all out with a real head-turner.

Hangzhou Spark

With what will be undoubtedly the best selling OWL skins in the game I can only be salty how the Spark have snagged the legendary RunAway colourway from Vancouver and Florida and made it their own.

The Good – While I’m sure the colours are polarizing, you cannot help but look at those incredible Reaper and Winston skins and start imagining how a full team push might look like, or how the colours will look on your hero of choice in the game. The Spark have not only taken an impressive first step into the league, but they’ve also shown us all how dull and uninspiring the majority of the safe ol’ red and blue teams look in retrospect.

The Bad – Meme’s aside, the finger logo is bad. It honestly looks like it was done in MS Paint in 10 minutes. As some of you might be aware, but their far superior original logo and name were rejected by Blizzard (shown below) and while I can see how it might have been challenging to replace at such a short notice, I cannot see how this iteration was chosen. There is value in the finger and it seems like the roster are already embracing the gesture in photos but the execution is where it fails.

The Mediocre – I won’t be expanding to much on this because I’ve already made that rant with the 
Guanzhou Charge review, but the generic electric titles do nothing for me.

Next in line, who knows really?Y