After going over 40 days without a sign of life on Twitter, @VancouverOW dropped some serious news a couple days ago with the following tweet:

That’s right. Confirming what we here at Ready Set Pwn already shared with you way back on November 8, the official reveal of the Vancouver Overwatch League franchise will happen tomorrow, December 1st!

While some had already run with the news we shared (and the leaks we saw via email replies from Canucks Fan Services) to buy tickets to the Canucks game, there is actually an official reveal party happening at The Sports Bar concurrent to the Canucks matinee against the Dallas Stars – so long as you were lucky enough to grab one of 150 free or 100 50 VIP (which cost $100) tickets:

Since that announcement, little else has officially been shared and as you see us here as your premiere source for Vancouver Overwatch League news, you’ve asked questions of us.

Well hold on to your shorts, because I’ve got answers for you!

If I have tickets to the Canucks game, do I get into the reveal event at The Sportsbar?

No.  A ticket to the Canucks game will not grant access to the Sportsbar event.  That said, the reveal will happen in-bowl, so Canucks ticket-holders will see the reveal and simply miss the party.

Can people live stream the reveal if they are in attendance?

While an official live stream will be available on Twitch ( that will have exclusive content that won’t be shown in-bowl, those in attendance – either at the Canucks game or the reveal party – are permitted to live stream so long as they follow Rogers Arena camera guidelines.

We’ve actually got this covered too.  Ready Set Pwn’s OmniStrife will be at the reveal and will be sharing exclusive party content on Twitch (!!

Can I bring my kids?

You sure can.  Everything about the event will be family friendly!

Are all ticket holders (free & VIP) guaranteed access?

Anyone with one of the 100 50 VIP tickets is guaranteed access.  The remaining 100 spots will be filled by some of the 150 General Admission (free) tickets will get in on a “first come, first served” basis.

Will non-ticket holders be granted access on a “first-come, first-served” basis?

For non-VIPs, priority access will be given to the people with free tickets.  If someone wants to take a chance and hope not enough people show up with free tickets, they can try.  Simply put, you’re rolling the dice that you’ll get in without a ticket.

Are you going?  We’d love to hear from you in the comments below or on Twitter!

Update (7:30pm on Nov. 30) – the @VancouverOW team reached out to clarify that there were only 50 VIP tickets available, not 100.  They also reconfirmed that there are a total of 150 spots available for both VIP & General Admission ticket holders (with only VIPs guaranteed access).