EDITOR (Nov 22, 8:00am): So… hold those phones. A very reliable source has whispered to me with confidence this isn’t the final product. Concept may be on point, but actual image is a FAKE.What do you think? And when will @VancouverOW say something to remove all doubt?

After 5 weeks of complete silence from the Vancouver Overwatch League team, a leak has appeared on Reddit at approx. 7:16 PST showing off a very low-res photo of the possible team skins and logo.

Courtesy of u/berkeleylad

While it hasn’t been confirmed by anyone so far, we can safely assume that these are fairly accurate considering the leaks we have heard over the past few weeks. The timing is fairly close to the date of the supposed release (Dec. 1st) as well. In traditional Vancouver style, the colours of the skins and the logo match up with the colours of the Canucks, sporting the iconic blue and green.

What else can we expect to hear from the team in the upcoming days? I guess we just have to find out. And we should temper expectations until we do – we don’t want this to be the next Toronto Venom!