As we discussed in our latest podcast episode, “home games” are arriving during the 2019 Overwatch League season for fans of the Dallas Fuel, Atlanta Reign, and Los Angeles Valiant in what the Overwatch League calls the “Homestand Weekend Series.”

We also know with relative certainty that the league will have home games throughout the 2020 season, as further confirmed by Vancouver Titans owner Francesco Aquilini on Twitter:

So… is it safe to say these “home” games will feature and entire weekend (or more) of play between different teams?

Apparently not.

As shared by u/Loadscreen_Gaming over in r/OverwatchLeague, they attended one of two focus groups held by the Kraft Analytics Group (for those keeping score at home, Kraft Group owns the Boston Uprising) where they were asked a series of questions on the potential 2020 season.  It was during this focus group they discovered the following:

  • Teams will host their game only, instead of all the days matches.
  • The potential of a doubleheader in one day or two matches on back-to-back days versus a single match to draw the crowds (i.e. watch the Titans face the Defiant twice).
  • Teams are expecting to host approximately 14 home games.

If what was being asked about holds true, we would see the Vancouver Titans host only one team per “home game” and possibly play one or two matches – nothing like the Homestand Weekend Series we’re going to watch in 2019.

It is important to note that nothing that was shared in the focus group is set in stone.  A use of focus groups is to get an level of quantifiable insight on a topic or series of topics to see how well they engage with an audience.  So it is safe to assume that what was discussed can easily be shared if it didn’t resonate at all with the audience (which then has me asking… are there more focus groups taking place?).

Further points that came out of the group, also discussed at length what a home game would look like:

  • Preference of theatre-style versus arena-style seating?
  • What to expect as part of the experience? (i.e. creative spaces, meet & greets, sponsor booths)
  • What type of ticketing format is preferred? General admission versus reserved admission versus a blended approach?
  • Is there an appetite to purchase a stage or season ticket?

Does any of this surprise you?  And what did you envision Vancouver Titans home games looking like in 2020?  Let us know in the comments below!