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The Vancouver Titans

While we shared this news with you all the way back on November 8 (and the first to actually share the leak), it became official yesterday when what we formerly knew as the Vancouver Overwatch League franchise became The Vancouver Titans!

The Brand

While rumours were afoot early on that the Vancouver Titans could rock some unique colours, I think it was always a safe bet the desire to maintain a connection to the Pacific Northwest would remain paramount.

The Vancouver Titans colours will be blue (primary), green (secondary), and white (accents) to represent Vancouver’s greenery surrounded by the Pacific Ocean. The colour shades signify a vibrant, contemporary take on the Vancouver Canucks’ palette, but still allow the Titans to develop their own West Coast style.

Vancouver titans Press kit

And when we shared the logo being that of a Yeti, before you call us out, the Sasquatch is essentially the North American cousin.

The Titans logo features a sasquatch, a folklore figure synonymous with the Pacific Northwest, with the monogram of a ‘V’ in the nose for Vancouver, and a mountain range on the top of its head. The team name of the Titans is indicative of the traits associated with the Sasquatch–a powerful, imposing, and mythical being.

Vancouver titans Press kit

The Roster

Your Vancouver Titans

In what has to be the worst-kept roster secret of all the Overwatch League expansion franchises, we officially saw the members of RunAway, plus Rapel, become the Vancouver Titans. 

Most recently, RunAway won Season 2 of Overwatch Contenders 2018 Season 2: Korea and defeated the Overwatch South Korean World Cup team in an exhibition match, making them one of the most sought-after teams during the offseason.

Vancouver titans Press kit

Filling out the roster are:


Known for providing flex support, his aggressive play is all about taking educated risks at the right time.


The “super flex” player who’s keen to go DPS, but plays a mean McCree and Hanzo.


He’s their main support who provide powerful backup as Mercy and Lucio.


Joining the Vancouver Titan from Element Mystic, he will also fall into the flex support role.


Having previously played with the London Spitfire before joining RunAway, he will provide some solid Solider:76 and Widowmaker action.


It’s all about the hitscan play with Stitch, though you could say he mains Tracer.


You need a Genji to hold their own?  Give Haksal a call.


While he will main tank, prior to finding his inner-Reinhardt (as someone close to my heart), Bumper was the jack of all trades.


Also someone who’s a tank main, there are very few D.Va players out there better than him.

Are you just as hyped as we are?  Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Top 4 team this season I’m calling it.

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