With a playoff position now ensured, the Titans will have their first rematch of the season against the Guangzhou charge, one of only two teams to take them to a map 5. Victory is of course the goal, as it is every week, but the most important thing is for Vancouver to try out counters for the compositions that they so struggled against in the match against Chengdu.

Fortunately, Guangzhou is a squad with a similar makeup to Chengdu, in that their greatest strength lies in an ability to play multi-DPS compositions. Hotba, no longer hardstuck on Dva, can pull out a surprisingly strong Tracer, opens up a lot of options. Eileen is highly flexible, and Happy’s crazy-good widow can form the centerpiece of a strategy even in a meta where widow is rarely seen.

In fact, I’d go so far as to say that Guangzhou are the perfect scrim partners for the Titans this week. This is one of a very few teams in the league that’s willing to run the same sorts of nonsense as Chengdu did, and after our mediocre performance against that style I have to imagine other teams around the league think they’ve found the key to beating Vancouver. In particular, I would expect the Fusion, the Reign, the Shock, and the Spitfire would love to flex off of a 3/3 composition and unleash their amazing DPS power. All of those teams remain in contention for stage playoffs, as do Guangzhou themselves. Fortunately, Chengdu have been eliminated, so at least we won’t have to see them again for a while.

You’ve already had the chance to see the Titans face off against the Charge once, so I won’t tell you anything you don’t already know. Happy and Shu are the two stars of the team, Happy as the only man capable of running widow in a tank meta, and Shu as the only flex support we’ve seen to out-do Twilight on Ana in a head-to-head matchup. Around them, Rio and Hotba are a solid if slightly uninspiring tankline, Chara’s main support Lucio works fine but isn’t particularly noteworthy, and the DPS slot can be filled with stable Brig Kyb, rarely-seen Nero, and Eileen, who can run nearly anything and must desperately wish there were more options in this meta than just Sombra. If Guangzhou find themselves behind in the match and eliminated from playoffs, we might see two-way backup supports OnlyWish and Rise, but my bet is that Guangzhou would just try juggling their DPS pairings to see what combos might find success in a new meta.

With only one team to prepare for this week, and presumably fire in their bellies from nearly losing to Chengdu, I don’t expect Titans to take this match lightly at all. Last time, Guangzhou were the afterthoughts in a week focused on Shock, but this week the only goal is to smash the Charge.

A 4-0 feels more likely than the first time against Guangzhou, as a motivated Vancouver with an entire week to prepare might well hit another gear and use their superior individual skill to dominate the Charge.