On April 21st, the Vancouver Titans tied the league record for 15 consecutive wins. The previous record was held by the Boston Uprising, so it’s fitting that the Uprising were the team standing in the way. It wasn’t close, the Titans swept the Uprising for the second time this season. In terms of quality of play, Boston played pretty well, but they were still no match for the dangerous Vancouver squad.

In a match full of impressive events, including a 5 minute spawn camp, the best moment was watching the Titans figure out how to attack the Uprising on Paris. It took their entire time allotment, but it was fascinating to see how a Symmetra assault turned into an aggressive Sombra and Wrecking Ball composition.

In the opening fight, we saw Haksal on his patented Symmetra. We saw the same composition work successfully against the Houston Outlaws, but the Uprising came prepared, they opted to add a Junkrat to the team to stop the snowball with his massive burst damage. The Titans were forced to make a change.

This time, the Titans come with a big shield and an Ana to try and out-heal the Uprising. It did not work.

Okay, how did Winston do? SeoMinSoo used his Graviton Surge, but Colourhex doesn’t care and the Titans get melted, go again.

The Titans have under 30 seconds left, so they do the only logical thing, go Sombra and Wrecking Ball and take the point. Bumper and Jjanu’s peel to protect Twilight here was huge, this team supports each other better than any other team in the league. This story could have gone a whole other way if Colourhex didn’t have to go through an ultimate animation.

With all the momentum behind the Titans, it was an easy snowball onto the second point, there was nothing the Uprising could do. They were completely outmatched and it was obvious.

Part of the reason this match on Paris was so interesting was because it heavily foreshadowed what would lead the Titans to success again on the final map of the series, Watchpoint: Gibraltar. When the Uprising bunkered up on the first point defense, the Titans switched back to their Sombra composition but added a Genji to complete their dive team, also affectionately called Hack & Slash.

Their attack here was so strong that it forced the Uprising off of bunker and back onto Winston, and later, Reinhardt 3/3. The Titans also opted for the speedrun strat, ending with over 3 minutes in the time bank.

On the Titans second attack, they also correctly decided to use their Hack & Slash combo against Boston’s bunker and it was incredibly effective. For fans who think the Titans will have a lot of trouble when not playing 3/3, here’s proof that they have A-tier Dive ability as well. Bumper’s timely usage of Primal Rage gives them another 2 points. The Titans proceed to spawn camp Boston for almost 4 full minutes on their attack. Boston is forced to switch to Sombra GOATS but by the time they swap off of attack Bastion, they are at a severe ultimate disadvantage. RCK does eventually get his EMP, but it’s too late for the Uprising to take advantage and they take the L, another 4-0, another victory for the Titans who appear to be on the way to another league record, and another impressive showing in the stage playoffs.