This morning, Blizzard announced via twitter their announcement of the 2019 Overwatch world cup. The roster speculation started immediately, so why let Reddit users have all the fun, let’s go through the Titans roster and see who could make the cut for team South Korea.

We’ll only be talking about the Titans starting 6 man roster, since the World Cup will likely be happening in a GOATS meta, it follows that those players will be the most likely to be asked, so let’s put our rose colored glasses on and make a Titans heavy South Korea roster.


Bumper is one of the best main tanks in the world. He can also be a massive feeder. Part of the reason he’s so good is because of his incredible supporting cast, and while the South Korean team is going to be full of insanely skilled players, they won’t have the same chemistry as the Titans. If the South Korean team is worried about that, he could be benched in favor of another, more disciplined main tank.

There are lots of great Korean main tanks, OGE and Gesture in particular are both having great seasons, while Fissure and Fate have been top tier historically. The most likely choice however, has got to be Mano. Mano is the main tank of the New York Excelsior, and he’s a very, very good one. He is top tier at every main tank hero and his play style would fit what every team in the Overwatch League wants to do, to a tee. Bumper is an insane tank player and he gets a lot of love because of his fun, fearless, and flashy style of play, but at the end of the day, Mano is probably better all around for what South Korea’s national team will want to do.


Jjanu is insane, he’s likely the best in the Overwatch League, not just among Koreans, but among all players. The other likely candidates include Choihyobin, Meko, and Pokpo. All these players are great, but Jjanu is not only the flashiest, but one of the most consistent off-tanks in the league. He’s more than good enough, I’d expect them to take a serious look at Jjanu for the roster.


Seominsoo is statistically, the best Zarya player in the league. That being said, there are many great Zarya players from Korea including Profit, Nenne and Decay. These players are all great options but Seominsoo has just been so good. One hiccup in team planning may be that they want Profit, Decay or Carpe on the roster, all of these players are more traditional DPS players, but they are better at flexing onto the DPS role if necessary, if South Korea is definitely going to play traditional 3/3, Seominsoo might make the cut in terms of pure Zarya play.


Haksal is the best Brigitte player in the league. Libero and Rascal are both elite players, but they aren’t as good as Haksal, if I’m picking the roster, Haksal is on the team. NEXT!


Twilight and Jjonak are very close in the argument for best support in the league, but Jjonak is much more popular, I can’t see them passing on Jjonak.

Sideshow went on to agree with Wolf’s take, so clearly the professional analysts know how good he is. Twilight has an outside shot here, but the Jjonak name recognition is huge. I’ll be glad if he makes it this year, but more likely good luck next year Twilight.


Slime will make the team. He’s the best Lucio player in the league and his main competition is Anamo, who just stunk up the place in New York Excelsior’s match against the Atlanta Reign. Unless Jjonak specifically needs Anamo for some reason, expect Slime to be on the roster.

Our Final Roster:

Reinhardt: Mano Jjanu
Zarya: Seominsoo
Brigitte: Haksal
Zenyatta: Jjonak
Lucio: Slime

That’s a pretty great roster. South Korea will likely take the championship again, and hopefully they take a lot of Titans with them. We did miss one possibility though… since the World Cup happens in November, if the Titans continue their league-wide rampage, they could just ask the entire Titans roster and coaching staff to represent their country. South Korea is full of insane players, they could make five full rosters of players who could win the whole tournament, so they might opt to use the Titans secret weapon, their insane chemistry, to lead them to the championship once again.