After the 4-0 sweep of the Spark, the Titans are set to play two very contrasting teams in week 2, but just like the Titans, we have to take these teams on one at a time.

The Seoul Dynasty are a team that surprised everyone in the 2019 stage 1 playoffs. Throughout the Overwatch League’s inaugural season, they failed to make the playoffs a single time, but then came in and crushed the favourites. The dream would quickly come to an end however, as the Titans then immediately 4-0’d the Dynasty in the semi-finals best of 7. The Dynasty is ranked 7th in the league in SR rating, at 1569, far higher than the 13th placed Spark from last week. The Dynasty will be looking to avenge their playoff loss but will they even have a chance in this match-up? On paper, this doesn’t look remotely close as the Titans absolutely clobber the Dynasty in every known metric, but let’s take a closer look and see if Seoul has a chance to steal this game.

Control Win %45%79%

When these two teams matched up in the stage 1 playoffs, the opening map was Busan and it wasn’t even close. The Titans took it a quick 2-0 with the final scores being 100%-31% and then 100%-9%. With that in mind, the Titans are 3-0 on Busan this year, their 79% win-rate on Control maps is very respectable but appears downright dominant compared to the Dynasty’s mere 45% win-rate. Seoul’s disappointing 1-2 record on Busan leads belief that Titans will take this map and it could be pretty unfair to watch.

Assault Win %55%82%

The Titans are normally quite good at Assault maps, it’s their second best map type but they’ve historically had trouble here on Anubis. They lost here against the Chengdu Hunters and against the San Francisco Shock in the playoffs, but rallied back to win both matches. If the Dynasty are going to win this match, this will be a key map for them, it’s very possible the Titans lose here, it’s Seoul’s second best Assault map overall.

DynastyDynasty All-TimeTitansRunAway
Hybrid Win %60%50%92%88%

When I said there was a statistical discrepancy between these two teams, I meant it. The Titans have lost a single Hybrid map this season, a 92% win-rate is unheard of in any sort of competition. When you combine it with the Dynasty’s negative win-rate on Eichenwalde and the long open sightlines for the first two points, we could Slime or even Hooreg enter the fray to play some Widowmaker, or Bumper might flex back onto Hanzo or Pharah.

Escort Win %50%73%

The Titans already took it to the Dynasty on Rialto in the semi-finals. We’ve seen Vancouver play very well on Rialto in the Overwatch League, with their sole loss coming to a throw against the Valiant where both Bumper and Rapel jumped off the pier. They not only defeated the Dynasty handily but in the Finals they broke the World Record attack.

Looking at the Titans’ stage 2 schedule, the Dynasty is the best opponent they face by a long shot and they have two attempts to avenge their playoff failures but they will need to bring their A-game.