The Uprising are a team on the decline, this bodes well for the Titans. Boston won 3 regular season reverse sweeps in a row, with a quarterfinals loss to the Titans sprinkled in the middle, but they took a break from being good to lose to the Spark, a team the Titans 4-0’d. The Spark aren’t an elite team by any means, so the Uprising fell drastically in the rankings.

Are the Uprising actually a secretly bad team? Or was the Spark match simply an outlier?

Control Win %38%75%
Lijiang Tower0-2

This looks like it’s going to be a mismatch. Not only did the Titans 3-0 the Uprising with ease, they have kept the win train rolling, while the Uprising have stumbled recently. The Titans have never played on Lijiang Tower as themselves, but Lijiang is not a great spot for the Uprising.

Assault Win %50%85%

Another mismatch, the Titans are so good on assault and Paris is a great map for GOATS. We saw the Titans use a fun attack Symmetra composition on Paris against Houston, so let’s hope they do something like that again if Boston tries to avoid the GOATS mirror.

Hybrid Win %64%93%
King’s Row0-35-0

Boston is alright on Hybrid in general, but King’s Row is not their favourite place to be. With the Titans’ insane 5-0 record, this is looking grimmer and grimmer for the Uprising.

Escort Win %60%69%

This one might be close, but it could be too late for the Uprising. As usual, take the Titans win% on Escort with a grain of salt, they hate trying hard.

This looks like it could be an easy 3-1 win for the Titans, possibly even a 4-0. The Uprising are a team on the decline and the map pool favours the Titans heavily, this is also the second day of back to back matches for Boston. After they play the Spitfire, another solid team, they might be out of gas for the Titans. As well, if they try and stack their prep against the Spitfire as it’s the more likely win, they might just take the L against Vancouver and try to double up their efforts against the Spitfire if their goal is to make the playoffs.