The Outlaws have a weird schedule this stage, their games are back-loaded so that they can play in Dallas for the Overwatch League’s Ultimate Weekend in Dallas. With no match in week 1 and only one match in week 2, they end up with two matches each for weeks 3, 4, and 5. If they come into the match without enough preparation, they could take a loss to the Titans who have had a much more balanced schedule.

On the other hand, while the Titans were in the playoffs, the Outlaws got to practice longer on the new patch. Even though the Outlaws did have more practice time, you have to wonder how good that extra practice actually was, all of the league’s better teams were in the playoffs so how will that practice play out on the main stage when the Titans refuse to play with new heroes and just shove more GOATS down their throats?

Control Win %56%79%

Hey look, it’s Busan again! Since this will be up before the Titans play the Dynasty, we are operating on old information. The Outlaws aren’t nearly as good as the Titans are but statistically, this could be one of the closest maps.

Assault Win %36%82%

Wait a minute, this is a new map! We don’t know what’s going to happen here… but the Titans are way better on Assault than the Outlaws are. For one team to be twice the win-rate of the other on a map type is insane. Overwatch is a game of inches and the Titans have an advantage of a country mile.

Outlaws LifetimeTitansRunAway
Hybrid Win %63%92%88%

The Titans, as RunAway, have some history on Eichenwalde. They lost in the Apex Season 4 finals on Eichenwalde, they got stuck on the bridge and got reverse swept to lose. Throughout the OWL inaugural season, the Outlaws have an excellent 5-1 record here and RunAway can match that with an alright record of their own, 2-1-1. This could be a great map and the Outlaws could give the Titans a run for their money here.

Escort Win %29%73%

Hey… remember when we were talking about how the Titans are twice as good as the Outlaws on a map type? Well… it’s back. A 0-2 record on Rialto by the Outlaws is unacceptable. In stage 1, the Titans threw and lost to the only 0-7 team here, but they also broke the record here against the second best team in the league, so who knows what happens.

By the numbers, this match looks far closer than I thought it would. If it plays out as a GOATS mirror match, the Titans will come out on top, however not knowing what the Outlaws will do is a concern. GOATS isn’t one of their strong suits, so who knows what they could do and with high skill players like JAKE, Muma, Danteh, and Rawkus on the roster, they could pull out something unexpected on the Titans, let’s just hope they can adjust quickly enough to keep the wins coming.