Like all things, we knew the Titans win streak would come to an end eventually. Now Titans fans know what it’s like… to lose a game. Okay, seriously, Titans fans are still among the most spoiled in the league in terms of success. Despite losing in the stage 2 finals, they are still one of the flashiest teams in the league, their entire roster is full of elite players who threaten the best in the league regardless of meta. On one hand, to see them repeat as stage champions would have been amazing, but there’s no other game the team could lose where I’d be satisfied with the results.

Reddit user Lasnax’s graph on all map wins

Here, u/Lasnax’s popular reddit post shows how far ahead the top 3 teams are. The Titans win streak went out against the second best team in the league, which is way better than how the Shock or NYXL’s losses went. The Shock’s first stage had an uninspiring record of 4-3, with losses to the Gladiators, Excelsior and Titans, while NYXL lost to the Dynasty, Titans and Reign twice. Yes, the Shock just beat the Titans in the Stage finals, but the playoff score between these two teams is still tied, while the Titans are still the only team in the league who hasn’t lost a game in the regular season yet.

Does losing suck? Yeah it’s not a great feeling, but with this loss, the Titans have the opportunity to come back stronger as a unit next stage the same way the Shock did. Watching the future Titans play as RunAway made it clear how despite their Apex seasons ending in heartbreaking losses, it was crucial to their improvement as a team. When they did finally win on the biggest stage, it made all the crushing losses worth it. Seeing our beloved underdogs turn into the overpowered villains was awe inspiring. Now we get to see if they can turn up the intensity once again.