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Titans vs. Dynasty Postgame (Again Again)

RSP - S2 Titans vs. Dynasty Postgame

The Titans continued their run of absolutely dominating the Seoul Dynasty, rolling over them in a 4-0 that was somehow less close than the scoreline indicates. Another 7-0 stage, another playoff berth, let’s get to the SF Shock already because that’s the only matchup that really matters right now.

Map 1: Lijiang

Things got off to a rough start for the Titans on Gardens. Seoul came out with a triple DPS including Munchkin on Widowmaker and Fits on Pharah. Vancouver, on seeing this, elected to run a 2/2/2 with Seominsoo on Soldier and Haksal on Sombra, but found nothing at all. The Titans’ inability to close distances meant they were simply picked apart by the highly mobile Dynasty roster, who took the victory 100-0.

Night Market further added to the worry when Marve1 ran into the middle of the Titans but somehow didn’t die. Instead it was Bumper who went down first, with Seoul once again getting first control. The next fight started better with an opening pick on Munchkin, but Marve1 used the earthshatter he’d built in the first fight to turn things around for his team. It was only at 58% that the Titans finally managed to flip the point, whereupon they engaged in a long fight in which neither grav nor shatter got kills, allowing Seoul to retake and build to 95%. Finally, Seominsoo’s grav was capitalized on and the Titans took control. But with almost no margin for error and down on ults, Vancouver needed a hero play. Bumper delivered, stepping forward to hit a monstrous shatter that took out Ryujehong before he could use transcendence. The Dynasty were forced to dump ultimates into a losing situation, but couldn’t turn things around, and we were sent to the third control map to decide things.

Our maps had gotten increasingly smaller in terms of area, which played to the strengths of the 3/3 comp. Vancouver capped first, but Marve1 hit a miracle charge onto Bumper to remove him from the fight, allowing the Dynasty to return as a full team faster. They capped, but Seominsoo and his ridiculous grav building gave the Titans the tool they needed to win. That was all she wrote for the Dynasty, who were repeatedly snuffed out by gravs and shatters. Twilight made the highlight reel play, hitting a flanking sleep dart onto Marve1 that set up an earthshatter and final fight win.

Titans 1 : Dynasty 0

Map 2: Anubis

Returning to the scene of Vancouver’s loss yesterday, things once again started poorly on the Titans’ attack. But while exiting a lost fight, Twilight found a snipe onto Ryujehong, asserting his dominance as he’d promised in an interview. With the long Anubis walkback, Tobi had to speed back to spawn for a taxi service, giving Titans a chance at a 4v6 on point. Seoul had to back off, were split on re-entry, and the Titans secured the first point. Moving forward, Vancouver showed off their next-level thinking by using Seominsoo as bait. He stepped forward alone and was duly solo-graved by Fits, which won the fight but lost the war. Seominsoo was now ahead on grav charge, and Twilight still had trans. In the subsequent fight, that trans kept everyone alive during an earthshatter, buying time for Bumper and Seominsoo build shatter and grav. Seoul were wiped off the point for an easy completion.

Seoul’s attack featured their now-standard “teleport Ryujehong to the high ground” strat, setting up an Ana battle between him and Twilight. Both had highlight moments, with Twilight securing a sleep onto a flying Pharah and Ryujehong hitting anti-nades galore to win Point A for his team. But B would not be so simple. Seoul had one way to break it open quickly: an EMP from Michelle. We saw him hunting from the side of the point, moving forward, ready to pounce. But someone else was hunting as well. Right as Michelle uncloaked, Haksal came around the corner of a pillar. Michelle rose into the air to start the EMP animation, and was immediately shield bashed out of it. With that key ultimate nullified, the Dynasty’s push was over before it even began, forcing them onto a true 3/3 mirror with an inferior timebank. As Monte said after 4 minutes of attempts made precisely 0 progress, “you will not beat them in the mirror.”

Titans 2 : Dynasty 0

Map 3: Blizzard World

Vancouver got to attack first into Seoul’s 3/3 mirror. True to form, the Titans found the weakness immediately, applying pressure to use up cooldowns before sending Seominsoo on a flank, where he picked off Tobi to win the fight. That was a foreshadowing of the entire rest of the map. Not a single Titans player died en route to a crushing attack. It didn’t quite set a speed record, but expecting new records every match is a bit much, even for the Titans.

Seoul’s attack was entirely predicated on taking out Twilight, who had been the best player in the match. The Dynasty managed to put sufficient pressure on him that Bumper was denied resources and killed, but Bumper returned on Hammond to even out the fight, and Seominsoo’s grav locked up the Dynasty so that he could headshot them. Seoul’s only means of advancing in this map was following up on gravs from Fits, which was how they opened up the first point, how they won the streets fight, and how they eventually got into the third point. But the Titans did a good job of draining time from the timebank, since Seoul’s only path to overall victory involved finishing the map with time remaining–otherwise they would draw, guaranteeing a match loss. Vancouver lost a fight partway through C and weren’t going to be able to contest in an organized fashion, but as soon as the timer hit 0 it ceased to matter.

Seoul completed, but all it set up was an irrelevant attack round, which the Titans treated with all the seriousness it deserved. A quad DPS setup put Jjanu on Hammond, Twilight on Doomfist, Seominsoo on Pharah, and Haksal on Genji. But the DPS carry, we all knew, would be the man, the myth, the legend, Bumper. Though he could have won with any hero, today he chose Widowmaker, where he opened the fight by clicking some heads. Well, one head, and yes I am serious. Bumper headshotted Ryujehong, removing the major source of healing from Seoul’s comp and leaving them defenseless against a Haksal dragonblade.

Titans 3 : Dynasty 0

Map 4: Junkertown

The series may have been decided, but the psychological games were not. The Titans opened on attack with Twilight on Mei, a reference to Ryujehong’s penchant for running that hero on that point. Things were a bit shaky, begging the question of whether the Titans were struggling or simply not playing very seriously, but finally Jjanu killed Michelle with a self destruct while Seominsoo beamed down Marve1. On to the second point we went, where Vancouver only needed a single fight to get to B. They lost the first fight on C, but even so demonstrated their amazing coordination: when Bumper died first, they retreated perfectly as a unit and took basically no exit damage despite lacking a shield to cover. That let them quickly return and make another brilliant play. Things devolved on the cart until it was Twilight, Jjanu, and Slime against Michelle, Tobi, and Fits. A normal team would have called it a lost fight–but someone recognized the possible victory. The three Titans focused down Fits, removing the damage, then Twilight used trans to keep them alive while they demeched Michelle and took out Tobi. All of a sudden, Seoul had become staggered, Bumper and Seominsoo returned with ults, and the Titans completed with relative ease.

Seoul’s attack started with Marve1 charging Bumper off the map to take advantage of his advantageous spawn. That led to a long ult-fest, which was brought to an end when Fits caught Seominsoo in a solo grav and took him out. But on second, Seoul was forced to contend with a new final boss. Twilight had been on all match, but hit another gear here. Vancouver was, I think, losing a fight (it’s always hard to tell with this team) until Twilight went on a headshot spree. With their best chance snatched away, the Dynasty finally crumbled, succumbing to the power of the Titans once more.


Titans 4 : Dynasty 0

Player of the Match

When you talk a big game, you have to be ready to back it up. The Titans have garnered a reputation as villains for saying things others won’t, but in reality they’re just being honest about their own status. Ryujehong isn’t the king of the flex supports anymore–there’s a new sheriff in town.

Twilight backed up his boasting and cemented his reputation as the top flex support in the league.

I lost count of the number of insane sleep darts Twilight hit. He single-handedly cost the Dynasty 2 minutes on Anubis alone, and I already mentioned his highlight sleep to win Lijiang. On Zen, meanwhile, he was finding heads with a Jjonak-like frequency, but with infinitely better usage of trans. Multiple times Marve1 hit big earthshatters, only to find that Twilight had hit Q just before being stunned, which protected both himself and his teammates from any followup. You could see Seoul’s increasing frustration manifest itself in the second half of the match–their strategy devolved into “dive onto Twilight and kill him at all costs.” It succeeded, sometimes, but less than one might expect–and in any case, the rest of the Titans were ready to punish the Dynasty for committing so hard.

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