The Titans’ stage was full of weak opponents but they finally get to try their hand at a good team again.. After 11 grueling weeks, we’ve finally reached the Stage 1 playoff finals where the Vancouver Titans will take on the New York Excelsior. Wait… this is Stage 2? How long was I sleeping for???

Control Win 72%81%

I can already tell this is going to be the closest match we’ve seen in a long time and after watching the Titans roll mid table teams all stage, it’s kind of nerve wracking. None of these maps heavily favour either team. We saw the TItans opt to start on Oasis against the Fuel so there’s a good chance we could go back there. While I think they have played slightly better on Lijiang Tower this stage, clearly they are comfortable on Oasis.

Hybrid Win %63%95%
Blizzard World0-22-0

We messed up the Dallas preview, in the playoffs the match order reverts to Hybrid before Assault unlike the regular season to promote less draws. Statistically the Titans should be more favoured here than on any other map type, but this one could depend on who wins Control. While both teams have had success on King’s Row, the Excelsior have looked better than the Titans have on Eichenwalde. Oh, also the Titans have access to Blizzard World, which NYXL doesn’t seem able to buy a win on. Blizzard World is a stage that has many avenues of attack and it really favours aggressive styles of play like we see from the Titans. Regardless of who wins Control, the Titans can take this even without their choice of map, so they’ll need to bring their A game from the start as they are the favourites in these middle maps.

Assault Win %75%95%

The Titans are the slight favourites here, edging out New York, but very closely in actual map record, they’ve simply played more matches. Prior to today, NYXL should have been expected to pick Temple of Anubis, but after the trouncing that the Bumper Boys gave the Fuel, the Excelsior may have changed their minds. This one is too close to call, but I’d expect the Titans to have the advantage because aggressive play style works well on dual control point maps.

Escort Win %87%76%

Here’s another close one. This match is so close on paper, it’s going to be so exciting to watch. The Titans have been a consistently better team who play like they haven’t had to use their full power yet and NYXL has been playing like they are finally back to full strength. If the Titans do have another gear, they should take this match and clear a path to the Stage 2 finals. Regardless of outcome, it’s going to be insane to watch this many skilled players in the same match.