On May 3rd, the two Canadian Overwatch League teams will finally face off for the first time. It took long enough, also Toronto kind of blew it this stage. They could have been in the mix for the playoffs, but they blew some games against mid table teams including getting reverse swept by the Boston Uprising.

After a respectable first stage, their quality of play metrics have dropped drastically, including nearly all their map types going down in win%. Weirdly, their Assault win% actually went up a little, but it’s mitigated by their 0% winrate on Escort maps, 20% on Hybrid, and 33% on Control. Let’s make some tables and see if there’s any way this isn’t a 4-0.

DefiantTitansDefiant All YearTitans All Year
Control Win %33%80%53%78%

Ok, Titans are good and Defiant lose a lot. Their control map wins this stage have come over the Washington Justice and the Boston Uprising, two teams who won’t make the playoffs and one while getting reverse swept. 2-0 Titans win, Stitch might start, he’s started on Oasis before, it’s a pretty good map for DPS.

DefiantTitansDefiant All YearTitans All Year
Assault Win %60%100%42%87%

The Defiant are actually pretty good on Assault by comparison, unfortunately they’re an actual trash can team when playing on Anubis.

DefiantTitansDefiant All YearTitans All Year
Hybrid Win %20%100%35%94%
King’s Row0-12-02 – 36-0

King’s Row are the Titans best map. Toronto has a 20% winrate this stage compared to the Titans 100% winrate. Titans win by map 3.

DefiantTitansDefiant All YearTitans All Year
Escort Win %0%80%42%73%

With Toronto so far behind, we will likely see Hooreg on Junkertown again, also maybe Bumper donates the Defiant their first map win on Escort. This is a huge mismatch, 4-0 potential in record time giving the Titans the longest win streak in OWL history.