By the end of Stage 2, the Titans will have played the Seoul Dynasty three times and if the remainder of the OWL stage goes how we expect it to on the Ready Set Pwn discord, there’s a good chance the Titans will play the Dynasty in the playoffs again. It’s a good thing the Titans have performed really, really well against the Dynasty historically.

The Dynasty have had a mixed stage, partially due to their very hard schedule. Seoul has lost to the Gladiators, the Titans, and are about to play the Titans again. Fortunately for them, all they had to do was beat the teams they had to beat and they will make the playoffs, and as expected, it comes down to the last game of the stage where the Dynasty will take on the Spark. That’s getting a little ahead of ourselves though, let’s start with if they have a chance against the Vancouver Titans, first.

xDynastyTitansDynasty All YearTitans All Year
Control Win %71%80%56%78%

Statistically, this is pretty close. Before the stage started, I surmised that this could be the Titans hardest match of the stage, and so far it looks like it might be. In addition, the Dynasty are in a win-and-in situation, where either one of their final two matches won would likely involve a playoff appearance, so expect their best.

xDynastyTitansDynasty All YearTitans All Year
Assault Win %40%100%54%87%
Anubis0-11-0 2 – 2 – 14-2

Oh, maybe I spoke a little too soon. This one is considerably less close, and if the Dynasty are going to take this match, they’ll need to take one of these middle matches where the Titans excel.

xDynastyTitansDynasty All YearTitans All Year
Hybrid Win %60%100%64%94%
Blizzard World1-01-01-01-0

Again, less close, but still better. The Dynasty is a pretty underrated team, they’ve had some good showings the teams they should beat and only lost to teams ahead of them in the standings. They’re a very solid team and they should be aknowleged for more than just upsetting NYXL in the playoffs, they have a lot of good players and can roster two above average teams.

xDynastyTitansDynasty All YearTitans All Year
Escort Win %80%80%57%73%

This match should be pretty tense the whole way through, the games will be close and the wins will be hard fought for. With the Titans good record of play against the Dynasty (2-0 in matches, 7-1 in maps) it’s hard not to give them the edge here, but it’ll be a tough series for both teams, hopefully the Dynasty can recover for their next day match against the Spark, leading to another great Titans/Dynasty playoff first round matchup.

The official RSP prediction: 3-1 Titans, either they go up 3-0 and donate Junkertown, or the Dynasty wrestle away the Control map and the Titans put it in another gear and take the win on Junkertown, they did win here with Hooreg EMPing a wall, after all.