The Stage 2 playoffs have begun! With this stage playoffs, there is a rule change. In the Stage 1 finals, we saw that the loser would get to pick the next map, this stage that rule is applied to all rounds of the playoffs, so we get to look at every map and consider what Fuel might do and how the Titans fare on those maps.

Control Win %71%86%

The Dallas Fuel’s only loss on control this stage has come from their loss to the Titans on Lijiang Tower. If the change has included the finals approach of a random first map, Control could be a toss up. If however, they let the higher seed pick the first map, then I think the Titans would jump at the chance to open the post-season with a win on Lijiang Tower. Yes, the Titans have lost on Busan this stage, but it’s their only loss on Busan all season. All map types should slightly favour the Titans, but if the Fuel are going to push the Titans to their limits, this is a must win for them.

Assault Win %36%86%

Oh… that’s not a good look for the Fuel. First we saw what may be the closest of the four map types, and immediately after we see what a Francisco Goya painting of the Overwatch League could look like. This should be as close to a guaranteed win as possible. If the Fuel win the first map, the Titans get to pick their favourite, but if the Titans take the Control map, there is no solid option for the Fuel to try and turn things around. This could get out of hand quickly if the Fuel go down 0-2 by the half time.

Hybrid Win %71%100%
King’s Row3-03-0
Blizzard World1-12-0

The Fuel are a lot better on Hybrid than they are on Assault… unfortunately the Titans went perfect this stage. In a vacuum, the best chance the Fuel might have is to put their best map on and try to outskill the Titans, but Vancouver hasn’t lost on King’s Row all year.

Escort Win %57%86%

If this does go to map 4, I look forward to seeing Hooreg EMP a wall on Junkertown with nobody in sight again, but most likely we won’t even get this far. This will be a 3-0, 3-1 at worst, but after Control, there will be no avenues for the Fuel to successfully attack the Titans with.