The Titans, outside of playing the Gladiators twice and the Spark, are reaping the benefits of another easy schedule. The teams they play all blend together at this point and while other teams count their wins, the Titans count their map differential.

This week the Titans take on the Hunters and Valiant These two teams are, to put it gently, bad. They rank 13th and 17th in the league and their better maps don’t line up with this week’s map pool. The Hunters get to show their worth on Nepal, Volskaya, Hollywood, and Havana. This map pool hearkens back to Stage 1, where the Hunters put up a strong fight and took the Titans to game 5. In that match, the Titans won in game 5 on Nepal, which is the Hunters only loss on that map all year (3-1). However, the Hunters managed to get an unexpected win on Hollywood in that match (2-1). Up until that match, Hollywood was viewed as possibly the Titans strongest map (5-1).

After a brief period of it being viewed as a potential weakness, the Titans turned returned to being a dominant force here. Volskaya Industries is also among the pinnacle of elite maps for the Titans (4-0), the Titans roster haven’t lost here since 2017. Havana is kind of a crapshoot, I don’t think anyone benefits from this poorly designed map. If the Hunters can steal a map, Havana should be nerve wracking, but the Titans are extremely good on the potential overtime maps. Ilios (7-1), and Oasis (4-1) both lean hard towards the Titans, even though both maps will favor Vancouver, hope for Ilios because the Hunters leave a lot to be desired (1-3).

The Valiant are having an even more disappointing season than the Hunters. They are also quite poorly equipped for the upcoming maps. While the Titans are only a medium strength team on Paris, the Valiant are considerably worse with a record of 0-3. The remaining maps are Oasis (2-3), Eichenwalde (0-2), and Dorado (1-1). To add to these disappointing stats, Escort is the Valiant’s only map type where they have a win percentage over 40%. The Hunters could possibly steal a map with their strong DPS players, but this one should be a stomp.