After the Titans lost to the San Francisco Shock in the Stage 2 playoffs, we saw them come back angry, so it will be vital to do the same after the loss to the Valiant. After hearing Harsha talk about potential roster swaps, we may see some of the coaching moves fans have been speculating on. If Stitch can come in and play Sombra at a higher level than we’ve seen, it’s a tough choice for the Titans as SeoMinSoo and Jjanu are both elite tanks in their own right. Unless the Titans want to swap to a Wrecking Ball/Zarya team comp, which will sit Bumper, they have a hard decision ahead of them.

The Titans get their chance at redemption in Stage 3’s fourth week. In their first go around, they dismantled the LA Gladiators in a 3-1 romp that concluded with a tied world record where the Glads only got 2 kills. On paper, the Gladiators have been much better than the Valiant all year, but compared to the Valiant the Gladiators are a much worse Sombra team. Decay has looked sub par on Sombra at the OWL level so far and while Surefour has been historically an amazing Sombra player, he usually plays Brigitte. With him on Brig, it makes swaps on the fly hard without resetting too much ult charge.

Just like the last time these teams collided, the map pool heavily favors the Titans. Ilios, as usual, is a cakewalk for them with a season 2 record of 7-1. It’s hard to imagine the Titans could pick a better opening map, especially as they already beat the Gladiators (1-2) there last time. The second map, Horizon: Lunar Colony, is much closer. The Titans and Gladiators are tied with 2-1 records here and the style of the map plays well to the Gladiator’s strengths as an elite bunker team.

This is where things start to fall off for the Gladiators. While Hybrid is statistically the Gladiators best map type, Numbani is one of their worst maps in the whole game. To make matters worse for them, the Titans are 4-0 on Numbani this year and undefeated since 2017. This match concludes with a rematch on Watchpoint: Gibraltar, where we recently saw the Titans speedrun the Gladiators.

Despite the Titans struggles the last two matches, we should see them come back with a strong showing and a 3-1 win. With a 2 week break ahead for the team, they need to crank up the intensity for their last match before the Stage 3 playoffs. If they want us to forget about their loss to the Valiant, they’ll need a third strong showing in the stage playoffs.