On Wednesday, July 17th, Blizzard announced their decision to opt in for a 2-2-2 role lock. The announcement was slated to come on Thursday but as of writing this, the video is still live on the Overwatch League website. It appears to have come out early, possibly by accident, but we are getting 2-2-2 Overwatch at all levels of the game.

One aspect that seems to confuse people is the locked seating arrangement. This is so that the matches can be formatted better. As an example, the Titans would sit in the order of Haksal, Stitch, Bumper, SeoMinSoo, Twilight, and Slime. This is so they can lock the seats to their assigned roles in game. It also means that the flex specialists can’t swap from DPS heroes to tank heroes in one game.

In the video, they also talked about how the teams voted in favor of 2-2-2 role locking. A vast majority of teams voted in support of 2-2-2 because they wanted it to match the game at a casual level. This would be a boon to the league’s health. Players striving to play at the highest level wouldn’t have to endure any major rule changes. This is also influenced by 6 heroes having a 60% pickrate, while no other hero having more than 30% pickrate. Can you guess which 6 it is? I bet you can.

In the Watchpoint video, Slime said it felt like he “hadn’t played 2-2-2 in a year.” Twilight added that he felt the team would need to practice more. Babybay pointed out that it would help playing on ladder because the whole team would be on the same page. Players mentioned they expect to see the return of dive and double sniper. Custa looked to the San Francisco Shock and the Philadelphia Fusion as good teams. Other players added the Shanghai Dragons and Houston Outlaws. Sideshow mentioned Haksal as the player he’s most excited to see back at full power. He mentioned that Haksal is the best Brigitte player in the world and might be the best Genji in the world. Puckett added that he can’t wait to see Haksal and Stitch as a DPS duo again.

When it comes to teams, Bren mentioned the Titans as a team he would see on the rise, even though they are already first. He mentioned the Titans having seen everything together. He also thinks they have been playing Overwatch since before he was born. He pointed out the meta variations the team has seen together and how they find ways to play at the highest level. All the Watchpoint hosts mentioned dive and that we will see a lot of Orisa played.

The addition of 2-2-2 will make the Titans/Dragons rematch on July 25th at 9:15PM an incredible start to a new stage.