On Tuesday night, Team Canada’s National Overwatch team did a live scrim on Twitch. There were professional players from all levels of Overwatch. With some newcomers stepping up to the plate, this was bound to be an exciting trial. While all the usual suspects did well, there were some outsiders who surprised.

The most argued over spot on team Canada is the main tank role. xQc is the only Canadian main tank to ever play in Overwatch League but many think he’s washed up. His usually childlike (read: toxic) attitude is for his viewers. Watching his stream last night showed he could settle down and focus on the big picture and ignore his chat.

His main competition on the role are Chayne and Akawa. If he keeps playing like last night, he will take the spot on the team.

Part of the reason xQc’s play stood out was his off-tank, Mouffin, played out of his mind all night. Mouffin, usually a D.va specialist, had an impressive showing on Roadhog. Him and xQc combined for some incredible hook combos. They were also on the winning team for 4/5 of the maps, even after they swapped to the other team after Map 2. On their King’s Row first point defense, xQc sent his Halt! ability into the enemy team. It pulled the Orisa above her shield, but the Mercy fled causing her to be wide open to Mouffin’s hook. Mouffin’s team also opted to play Winston/D.va dive, which showed off his skills on his best hero. Mouffin is one of the top off-tanks in ranked, with a peak of 4690.

Mouffin with the top 2 spots in Top 500 and a third in the top 10

Agilities couldn’t play in this scrim block as he had a scheduling conflict. Ezire, of Second Wind, had a very good performance. He played an effective Hanzo, supporting SureFour’s Widowmaker in breaking Orisa’s shield. Ezire was also able to hold his own in the sky duel of Pharahs against Mangachu. He mirrored Mangachu’s use of Mei to protect his team from Halt/Hook combos from the enemy tanks. Canada’s 2018 national team was all OWL players. The 3 DPS players are all OWL players and it’ll be a tough lineup for Ezire to crack. Based on his play on Tuesday, he will be on the shortlist of substitutes.

Team Canada’s tryouts continue Thursday August 18th at 8PM and Saturday August 20th at 8PM.