The OWL playoff map pool has been announced! The Overwatch League’s Facebook page released a video containing all the necessary info and it contains some great maps for the Titans. Let’s take a look at the video and then go more in depth than the video does with the Titans best maps in a italicized.

Control: 21-10, 71%
Lijiang Tower: 5-2
Ilios: 10-3
Busan: 6-2

While Control is statistically the Titans worst game type, it’s been even worse in stage 4 so it’s a huge benefit to the team to have Ilios in play. To make things even better for them, Busan and Lijiang Tower are their 2nd and 3rd best. While they aren’t particularly bad at any control maps, it’s nice to have Nepal (3-3) off the table.

Assault: 25-9, 74%
Horizon: Lunar Colony: 3-1-0
Temple of Anubis: 9-3-0
Hanamura: 4-0-0

In stage 4, the Titans have slightly improved on Assault, albeit with a very small sample size. This is largely helped by the team going 3-0 on Temple of Anubis in the last month with their only Assault map loss being to the Washington Justice. Unfortunately the Titans lose out by not having Volskaya Industries, but they still have a very respectable record on Horizon: Lunar Colony.

Hybrid: 30-6, 83%
Numbani: 6-0-0
Eichenwalde: 4-1
King’s Row: 10-0-0

Oh hey look, it’s King’s Row and Numbani, the team’s two best maps in the entire game. The team hasn’t lost on Numbani since 2017 so if they stick to those two, they’ll do just fine.

Escort: 24-8, 75%
Dorado: 4-1
Watchpoint Gibraltar: 5-1
Rialto: 5-2

While the Titans’ best Escort map is Junkertown, all of these are fine options. The team owns the world record on both Watchpoint: Gibraltar and Rialto.

While the Titans are still figuring out the 2-2-2 meta, having maps they feel at home on will be key. The only map we’re missing from the Titans greatest hits is Volskaya Industries, but in this DPS meta it’s been a lot harder for the team to win on. With the map pool, the Titans have been set up for a long run in the post-season. As long as they can figure out their place in this meta they should be in a good spot going forward.