The LA Gladiators are coming off their first playoff win of the year. Despite their almost choke against the Spark, this is a team with lots of quality players. The Titans are fresh off a match where they showed that they know how to pivot and change their plan of attack. Against a team like the Gladiators that will be key.

This year the Titans are 2-0, 7-1 in direct head to head matchups with the Gladiators. We also saw them run the iconic 4 spam heroes against the Gladiators double main tank defense on Horizon: Lunar Colony.

Titans RecordTitans W%Gladiators RecordGlads W%
Lijiang Tower8-280%3-538%

While the Titans get their 3 best maps on Control, the Gladiators are stuck with their 3 worst. It’s also worth noting that in the last three months the Gladiators are 0-4 on Lijiang Tower and 1-4 on Ilios. The Gladiators lots both Control maps against the Hangzhou Spark in their matchup and the Spark are a much worse team on Control than the Titans. The Spark only had a 55% winrate on Control, compared to the Titans 72% and they aren’t a good team on Lijiang Tower (3-5). Control is a map that we will see twice almost guaranteed, so having such a massive disparity in favor of the Titans is a boon for them.

Titans RecordTitans W%Gladiators RecordGlads W%
King’s Row11-0100%8-280%

Hybrid is a head to head comparison of both teams best map types. The Titans’ record is a little better. It’s close, especially by watching the teams play, but there is a distinct skill difference. In the matchup against the Spark, after losing on Control, they picked King’s Row first. King’s Row is the Gladiators’ best Hybrid map, but the Titans are a staggering 11-0 there this year. It’s also worth noting that after the Gladiators lost on Control the second time, they picked Eichenwalde and lost there. While Hybrid does favor the Titans, it’s not as clear-cut as Control is. The Gladiators will try King’s Row again as they aren’t as confident on Numbani and they lost on Eichenwalde.

Titans RecordTitans W%Gladiators RecordGlads W%
Horizon: Lunar Colony3-260%3-260%
Temple of Anubis9-375%6-3-165%

Assault is the Titans worst map type but even though it’s the Gladiators 2nd best. Despite that, they still aren’t particularly impressive here by comparison. If the Gladiators do take Hybrid, the Titans should pick Hanamura, the Gladiators are terrible there. Much like the Titans seem to get their best maps in the map pool the Gladiators get their worst. These are their three worst maps to play on and it shows. The Gladiators’ win percentages improve from Paris and Volskaya Industries, where they are 4-0 and 4-2.

Titans RecordTitans W%Gladiators RecordGlads W%
Watchpoint: Gibraltar6-186%3-350%

This is another instance of the Gladiators worst being the Titans best. These three are the worst maps for the Gladiators while they are 2-4 for Vancouver. Not only that, but the two maps the Gladiators are even on are both maps that the Titans own the world record on, one of which being against the Gladiators. It is worth noting that the Gladiators won on both Rialto and Watchpoint: Gibraltar against the Spark, but the Titans are a much better team.

The Gladiators are a good team, but the head to head match-up seems tilted too far in Vancouver’s favor. Every game type contains the best maps for Vancouver and the worst maps for the Gladiators. Gladiators have the potential to steal a map or two, especially as they should be picking more of the maps to play on, but this should be another Titans win.