The Guangzhou Charge came into the wildcard tournament as the hottest team in the league, then they got dismantled by the Seoul Dynasty. The Dynasty had a very good Stage 1, but haven’t lived up to that same level of play in any other stage this year. Seoul looks revitalized with Sigma and we’re seeing them play at their peak.

That aside, the Titans have a 3-0 record against the Dynasty this year with a record of 10-1 in map score. Let’s go to the maps to see how this match will play out – remember that this is format is first to four wins with loser choosing the next map, so they won’t only get their best maps.

Titans RecordTitans W%Dynasty RecordDynasty W%
Lijiang Tower7-278%4-450%

This looks good for the Titans. Lijiang Tower and Ilios are the Titans 2 best Control maps. They may be able to dodge Busan, but the biggest factor is Oasis being out of the map pool. Oasis is the only control map that the Dynasty are elite on (7-1). Keep the fights to Ilios or Lijiang Tower and the Titans can walk away with wins on the control maps. It’s also worth noting that despite the very mediocre numbers, control is the best map type for the Dynasty.

Titans RecordTitans W%Dynasty RecordDynasty W%

Here’s where things may start to go off the rails for the Dynasty. Assault is the Titans worst map type, but the map pool consists of their three best places to play. Horizon: Lunar Colony is the Dynasty’s best Assault map, but they would have benefited from having Paris in the rotation.

Titans RecordTitans W%Dynasty RecordDynasty W%
King’s Row11-0100%3-443%

Well that doesn’t look very fair for the Dynasty. Not only is Hybrid the Titans best map type, but two of the maps house perfect records this year. This wouldn’t be a Titans blog without mentioning Numbani loss-free going back to 2017, even Eichenwalde is a wash.

Titans RecordTitans W%Dynasty RecordDynasty W%
Watchpoint: Gibraltar5-183%3-175%

The Dynasty are an awful team on Escort. Watchpoint: Gibraltar is the only map that they have more than a 50% winrate on. The Titans again have 3/4 of their best Escort maps in the map pool but this is the Dynasty’s worst map type by a lot. Rialto is the only map they lost to the Charge on, during their 6 map 4-1 win.

Judging by the numbers, the Titans should make it a clean 4-0 among matches with the Dynasty this year. There are too many one off maps where the Dynasty have a fighting chance though. Due to the loser choosing, they will likely take a map or two. My best guess would be a 4-1 win for the Titans, but the Dynasty, led by Fleta, are a dangerous looking team. The Titans can’t afford to start slow.