A side project of a guy named Chris, this is the home of the Ready Set Pwn podcast, focused on the Toronto Defiant & Vancouver Titans Overwatch League franchises.

It’s also the place for news related to things beyond the two teams such as the Overwatch League, Overwatch itself, and the odd Blizzard tidbit.

The Podcast

Hosted by Chris (@lyteforce), Omni (@OmniStrife) & Sam (@anothersamchan), the podcast is recorded weekly through the power of magic & wonder. Have you subbed to us yet? All the details to do so can be found here.

Other notes of interest:

  • The music you hear at the beginning, sample during our short break, and in completion at the end of every episode is “Heroes Never Die” from Burn7 and is used under a Creative Commons licence.
  • Our original logo was an iteration of the Overwatch logo with the Vancouver’s Harbour Centre in the middle, while rocking Vancouver Titans blue & green. The first version, designed by Chris in MS Paint, was replaced by the talented @SyntheticRat.
  • The current logo is a blend of both Vancouver’s Harbour Centre & Toronto’s CN Tower, with colours representing the two franchises on each half.

The Team

Torbjorn, Mercy, Tracer, Reinhardt
Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Chris (@lyteforce)

Chris (@lyteforce)

Much to the chagrin of his wife, Chris has an addiction to video games and is often found playing Mystery Heroes.  He’s also a die-hard fan of nearly every Vancouver sports team and can be found chattering away on a weekly basis with the C4 Canucks Hockey Podcast.  And lastly, he’s a Reinhardt main.

Omni (@OmniStrife)

Sam (@anothersamchan)