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Episode 85 – Summer Surprise

Chris and co-host Sam recap the past weekend for the Toronto Defiant & Vancouver Titans, one where the Defiant didn’t care much about the match and the Titans got a win against the “gatekeeper” to the top tier of the league. The two also look ahead to the last weekend of the 2020 Overwatch League regular season and share news on the future of the podcast.

Episode 84 – Scuffed Sam

With Chris away, Omni & Sam take the reins to recap the Countdown Cup performances for the Toronto Defiant & Vancouver Titans. They also share some thoughts on the release of Harryhook from the Dallas Fuel and how it impacted a couple of Titans players. And with the Overwatch League already looking on to 2021, the two share news of contract updates and the future of a few players.

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Episode 83 – Countdown Cup Countdown

Chris and co-host Omni recap the Battle of Canada (Part 3) match between the Vancouver Titans & Toronto Defiant, before heading into the Titans match against the Boston Uprising. They also set expectations for the Overwatch League Countdown Cup, the fire in Dallas, and all sorts of other Overwatch news.

Episode 82 – A Force of Nature Rises Together

Chris and co-hosts Omni & Sam kick off the show announcing they are now the premiere source for both the Vancouver Titans AND Toronto Defiant!! From here, they recap the week that was for the Defiant & Titans before setting up the “Battle of Canada, part 3” match this weekend. Plus there’s all the regular Overwatch League coverage mixed in.

Episode 81 – Classified

Chris and co-host Omni recap the Vancouver Titans two losses this past weekend, then setup the upcoming match against the San Francisco Shock. The two also share some big news about CLASSIFIED and CLASSIFIED!

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