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Episode 69 – The Fog Thickens

Chris and co-hosts Omni & Sam discuss the breaking news of the week, as well as the Vancouver Titans imminent return to the Overwatch League. The breaking news? 2019 OWL MVP Sinatraa has retired and is now a Valorant pro! What does this all mean for the future of the league?! Leave it to the guys to dive in.

Episode 65 – The No Joke Live Show

Chris and co-hosts Omni & Sam do something they haven’t done before – broadcast the recording of a podcast episode LIVE to the best fans in the Overwatch League. They talk about the cancellation of the remaining 2020 OWL Homestands, the return of the Vancouver Titans to OWL play, and everything else they can think of.

Show Notes

Episode 54 – Titans Insight

Chris and co-hosts Omni & Sam discuss the release of the “locked in” Vancouver Titans roster and provide thoughts on whether it’s sufficient for the 2020 Overwatch League season. Chris then sits down Alfred de Vera, the Head of Communications and Team Operations for the Vancouver Titans & Seattle Surge, to hear about what the team has been up to and the plans for the season.

Show Notes

  • 16:17 – Chris sits down with Alfred de Vera of the Vancouver Titans & Seattle Surge to discuss the Titans plans for 2020.
  • 25:04 – will there be a preseason for the Vancouver Titans?
  • 25:42 – will there be an opportunity to see the Titans in Vancouver before the season starts?
  • 27:40 – where will the Titans live when in Vancouver?
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Episode 53 – 2020 Vision

Chris and co-host Omni kick off the year by discussing news from TitansCord with updates on the team – the new GM, the new hires, the likely roster and the possibility of a NEW jersey. The guys also give their thoughts on the changes to the casting and analyst desk for OWL season 3 and wonder aloud if PlayStation Brazil knows more about Overwatch 2 than Blizzard does.

Episode 48 – The Juice

Chris is joined by co-host Sam to break down everything we learned from BlizzCon. The guys also discuss the continued roster shuffling in the Overwatch League and share all “the juice” they have access to.

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