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Episode 114 – All Mixed Up

The first weekend of the June Joust Overwatch League action has Pick’ems leaderboards all out of skew (and Chris back in first), the Overwatch 2 live stream has Omni hot under the collar, and our thoughts are with the Toronto Defiant organization as they tackle the pandemic head-on.

Episode 113 – June Jousting

After a weekend without Overwatch League action, Chris & Omni are excited to see the Toronto Defiant kicks thing off again in what they see as two wins over the Paris Eternal & Boston Uprising. The two also toss around their opinions on the use of the same hero pool for the entire June Joust, what they expect from the Overwatch 2 Livestream and AMA, and why Chris has concerns about those pigeons in Paris.

Episode 104 – Better 2023 Than 2077

In an action-packed episode, Chris and co-host Omni discuss all the Toronto Defiant news – new player, new swag, new venue! They are also excited to learn the Battle of Canada will kick off the Overwatch League season. And with BlizzConline now come & gone, they explain why the lack of Overwatch content in the keynote has them just as concerned as the level of hype they have for Overwatch 2.

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