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Episode 108 – Twenty Twenty One

With the dawn of the Overwatch League 2021 Season days away, KDG from the Toronto Defiant and Justin Hughes from the Vancouver Titans join Chris and Omni to set up their respective teams’ seasons. Chris & Omni also share their thoughts on how the Titans & Defiant do opening weekend and take a spin around the rest of the league to share their Games of the Week thoughts!

Interview Timestamps

  • KDG (Head Coach of the Toronto Defiant) – 23:10
  • Justin Hughes (Assistant General Manager of the Vancouver Titans) – 47:16

Episode 105 – Legally Speaking

Chris and co-host Omni kick things off by recapping what the Toronto Defiant have been up to over the past two weeks, before contrasting what little the Titans – that we know of – have been up to. Shortly after that, Marius Adomnica – an esports lawyer – joins the pair to discuss the legal landscape of esports, whether a players union solves issues in the Overwatch League, and a few other topics players could encounter. Add in the usual updates on OWL and what Chris & Omni have been up to for extra flavour!

Episode 103 – Visa Issues

The Los Angeles Valiant eliminate themselves due to “Covid-related Visa Issues” and Chris and co-host Omni go off! The two also discuss the rumoured addition to the Toronto Defiant, share some Vancouver Titans community updates, discuss Chris’ disappointment with Overwatch 2 not coming until 2022, and they both ask for a birthday gift.

Episode 102 – Triple Down

The Toronto Defiant have a new coach. The Vancouver Titans have crickets. And the Los Angeles Valiant are going to China. Possibly in more ways than one. Chris and co-host Omni break down all that’s gone in in the Overwatch League over the past couple of weeks.

Episode 101 – Sad Reacts Only

It’s the dawn of a new calendar year with Chris and co-hosts Omni & Sam kick off the episode sharing some big podcast news, before breaking down what’s been going on in the world of the Vancouver Titans, the Toronto Defiant and the rest of the Overwatch League in the past few weeks.


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