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2020 Podcast Audience Survey

Hey everyone!! As @anothersamchan, @omnistrife, and I look to grow the podcast, we figured it would make sense to get an idea of where we were – not from what we think, but from what it is you know!

To help better understand your thoughts on the podcast, we’d love a few moments of your time to answer some questions on the show. Our first-ever Podcast Audience Survey will allow us to offer more of what you want, less of what you don’t, and make this podcast even better than it is today!

Simply complete the survey below (or click the link above) to share your insight with us and help make Ready Set Pwn even better!

Episode 1 – Into the Fray

When I first announced Ready Set Pwn, I made mention to a podcast.  Well I’m excited to share the inaugural episode – Into the Fray! While this first jump into the podcast pool is a relatively brief one, I’m a firm believer it’s always best to “jump right on in.”

Show Notes

Hosted by Chris (@lyteforce), the first episode of the Ready Set Pwn podcast has finally hit the internet.


  1. 0:48 min – Introduction to the podcast
    • It’s the first episode, hear me out!
  2. 2:15 min – The Payload
    • Chris outlines everything we know about the Vancouver Overwatch League franchise, hereby known as VanOWL, and also outlines what it is we still don’t (source)
    • Jesse Wilson’s (@jp3ilson) Canadian Team Concepts can be found on Behance
  3. 9:49 min – The Fray
  4. 15:49 min – Wrap-up
    • Where can you find us? Website, Twitter, Facebook
    • Got some feedback? Shoot an email to feedback at readysetpwn dot com.
    • And think you have some podcasting chops? Chris is looking for someone to join him – shoot him a note if you’re interested.

And a huge shout-out to Burn7 on Soundcloud for the awesome track, Heroes Never Die (music used under a Creative Commons licence)

The “Rebirth” of Ready Set Pwn

While waiting for a tardy member of my fire team to arrive to give Crota what for years back, a couple of Guardians (who shall remain unnamed) decided to race each other to the bridge to determine who knew how to Destiny best. As I was chosen to be the official of this epic race, I appointed myself race starter and proclaimed, “Ready? Set? PWN!”

As I listened to those in party chat laugh at my irreverence, or quite possibly at me, it struck me that those three words could be used for a blog, or a podcast, or a brand of some sort.

The next day back in 2016, the domain came to be.

And here it sat.

Overwatch - Anniversary 2018
Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

The Impetus for Change

Over the past few years I thought of what I could make of this site & even went as far creating some content – a few posts & a video review.  Yet it just didn’t resonate with me.  I even thought I could create a gaming podcast, yet that didn’t happen either.

Then this happened:

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