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Episode 122 – Be Better

Activision Blizzard has some serious issues and Chris and co-host Omni don’t hold back as they share their feelings on the matter. They also discuss what’s going on in the world of the Vancouver Titans & Toronto Defiant, how the Summer Showdown shook down, and outline the Overwatch League playoff format.

Episode 121 – Stonks with RSP

Chris and co-host Omni recap the rough weekend it was for the Toronto Defiant, and wonder aloud what casual fans of the Titans & Defiant get up to when the teams are given a month off between stages. Plus news the parent company of the Toronto Defiant is going public, which means Chris will have to invest so he can claim to be an “owner.”

Episode 120 – Saltforce

Chris has had enough. After the Vancouver Titans have another “oh fer” weekend, he outright loses it before Omni settles things back down with some sane analysis and insight. Thankfully the Toronto Defiant are back in action, so the two set up the weekend that will be and why they think the Defiant has a chance to punch a ticket to Hawaii.

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