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Episode 101 – Sad Reacts Only

It’s the dawn of a new calendar year with Chris and co-hosts Omni & Sam kick off the episode sharing some big podcast news, before breaking down what’s been going on in the world of the Vancouver Titans, the Toronto Defiant and the rest of the Overwatch League in the past few weeks.

Episode 100 – One Hundred

It’s “officially” the 100th episode, so Chris and co-hosts Omni & Sam not only discuss the Vancouver Titans & Toronto Defiant news from the past two weeks, they provide some podcast retrospective and a 2020 year-in-review.

Episode 99 – Running out of Numbers

Chris and co-host Omni chat about what they learned about the new Vancouver Titans recruits from the first “Community Nights.” They also discuss more player personnel changes within the Overwatch League, why some players have yet to find a new team, and what games they’ve been busy playing.

Episode 98 – R.S.P. is F.A.K.E.

Chris and co-hosts Omni & Sam discuss the recent signings of the Toronto Defiant and hazard a guess if we’ll ever hear more from the Vancouver Titans. Chris also sits down with Jordan (@SirDrJM) in our newest segment “The Meta,” to hear about how he came to support the Titans.

Episode 97 – Knocking the Sky

Chris and co-hosts Omni & Sam discuss the hot rumour, broken by Team RSP, that Agilities will be making his way to Vancouver to join the Titans for 2021. They also chat about the return of Beast to the Defiant, and the departure of GM Albless. And as always, they take a look at the goings-on throughout the rest of the Overwatch League.


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