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Episode 89 – Bandwagons & Curses

Chris and co-hosts Omni & Sam share their thoughts on the Toronto Defiant releasing interim Head Coach Lilbow last week, the results of the Titans Takedown tournament, and announce their plans for Extra Life 2020 and what Team RSP will be up to! Add in coverage of the Overwatch League playoffs and how they cursed the Washington Justice, and you have yourself a fantastic hour of top notch podcast content!

Episode 88 – Single Elimination Double

Chris and co-hosts Omni & Sam discuss the early exit of both the Toronto Defiant and Vancouver Titans from the Overwatch League 2020 playoffs. The group also fawns over the performance of the Washington Justice and talk about the success the Toronto Defiant seem to be having on the “business” end of the league.

Episode 87 – We’re Talking About Playoffs

Chris and co-host Omni take a look at the 2020 Overwatch League Playoffs and consider what chance the Toronto Defiant & Vancouver Titans have of making it out of the playoff play-in series.

Episode 86 – Highland Green

Chris and co-hosts Omni & Sam discuss the final few matches of the 2020 Overwatch League season for the Vancouver Titans and Toronto Defiant and what they might mean as the two teams head into the playoffs. Plus Chris gets on his soap box to give a rant about how the two teams are engaging their community with one doing it well, and the other not so much.

Episode 85 – Summer Surprise

Chris and co-host Sam recap the past weekend for the Toronto Defiant & Vancouver Titans, one where the Defiant didn’t care much about the match and the Titans got a win against the “gatekeeper” to the top tier of the league. The two also look ahead to the last weekend of the 2020 Overwatch League regular season and share news on the future of the podcast.

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