So you’ve decided you want to listen to the Ready Set Pwn podcast to get your Toronto Defiant, Vancouver Titans and Overwatch League fix? Fantastic. Let us help you get sorted out.

Subscribe via iTunes

If you search for “Ready Set Pwn” in the iTunes Store under podcasts, you’ll find us (or just click the link above or the button below). Then click that “Subscribe” button and you’ll see us show up automatically in the Apple Podcast app every time a new episode goes live.

Subscribe via Google Podcasts

Go search for “Ready Set Pwn” in the Google Play Music Store and you’ll find us under Podcasts (or just click the link above). Click the “Subscribe” link and we’ll show up in the Google Podcast app every time a new episode goes live. You’ll then simply need to click play or download if you wish to listen to us offline.

Subscribe via Alternatives

We’re also found in all sorts of other locations, such as:

There are likely even more alternatives than the ones listed above, so if you think we left one out and should update the list, hit our Contact Us page up.

Direct via Ready Set Pwn

Another option you can use is simply heading to a particular episode post here on Ready Set Pwn and using the embedded media player. If that’s your preferred jam, the Podcast Category is your friend.