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Vancouver Titans Brand Leak – Is It Real?

EDITOR (Nov 22, 8:00am): So… hold those phones. A very reliable source has whispered to me with confidence this isn’t the final product. Concept may be on point, but actual image is a FAKE.What do you think? And when will @VancouverOW say something to remove all doubt?

After 5 weeks of complete silence from the Vancouver Overwatch League team, a leak has appeared on Reddit at approx. 7:16 PST showing off a very low-res photo of the possible team skins and logo.

Courtesy of u/berkeleylad

While it hasn’t been confirmed by anyone so far, we can safely assume that these are fairly accurate considering the leaks we have heard over the past few weeks. The timing is fairly close to the date of the supposed release (Dec. 1st) as well. In traditional Vancouver style, the colours of the skins and the logo match up with the colours of the Canucks, sporting the iconic blue and green.

What else can we expect to hear from the team in the upcoming days? I guess we just have to find out. And we should temper expectations until we do – we don’t want this to be the next Toronto Venom!

Branding Review IV – Guangzhou Charge

Previously reviewed – Atlanta ReignToronto Defiant, Paris Eternal.

The first team from the newly added Chinese bunch will be the Guangzhou Charge. Rumoured to boast a mostly Korean roster they’ll be charged with reclaiming the Chinese franchise honour in the Overwatch League in 2019.

Guangzhou Charge

Will it be a good season for team GZ, or will it end like for the Dragons, with a GG EZ.

Good – Two things I like in Guangzhou’s branding, first is the teal colour which is coincidentally my also my favourite and even though it is a shade of the overused blue it is different enough to appear fresh. Another thing I love is how they’ve made everyone’s life easier by using the catchy Team GZ name instead of making everyone butcher the pronunciation of their city name. Lastly, this teaser video was sick:

Bad – So what’s the deal with the general electric terminology? Can’t wait to see the reveal of 2020s expansions: The Beijing Resistance and the Busan Volts.

Mediocre – The Logo is neither great nor bad, hence why it is mentioned here, the GZ is rather bland and its only redeeming quality – the negative space lightning bolt is a nice touch, but not enough to push it into the better half of OWL logos.

Lastly, we can only deem one sponsor as acceptable for the Charge:

Next in line, is the Chengdu Hunters.

Vancouver Titans – Are They For Real?

Ever since Vancouver was awarded an Overwatch League expansion franchise, I’ve had my ears close to the ground.  And in case you missed it, I heard some pretty loud “whispers” that became very specific about the franchise itself:

While I left that tweet somewhat cryptic due to the nature of the whispers I was hearing at the time, once the proverbial cat was let out of the bag, others started whispering the same thing.

The franchise would be known as the Vancouver Titans, they would rock blue & green colours that were similar to that of their cousins on the hockey side, and would have a Yeti within their logo.

Now we still don’t know this to be the case for sure, and while we wait for official word from the franchise, that hasn’t stopped the whispers from getting to me.  So I decided to do some digging and discovered a few things.

A WHOIS Record

If what I’ve heard about the name of the franchise being accurate, then it would be safe to assume that would need to be secured.  Since November 8th, I’ve been performing a daily WHOIS on the domain and today struck gold – a record was created yesterday!  And thinking like a Canadian, also took a gander to see if was registered – yep, record created yesterday too.

So, is this the smoking gun?  Heck no.  Based on me sharing those whispers a couple weeks back, some enterprising soul could’ve easily picked the domain up for squatting purposes.  Yet it does seem intriguing the creation only happened yesterday.

Winston’s Lab?

If you haven’t heard of Winston’s Lab, then you’ve missed out on the analytics world of esports.  And while we could pen an entire post dedicated to all the statistical information that’s available to the world of Overwatch, a particular page caught my eye.

A Vancouver Titans record on Winston’s Lab!

That’s right – they have a record for the Vancouver Titans!

Again, not the smoking gun we’re looking for.  Yet it is a gun.  And a gun that not only references the name I shared a couple weeks back, but a country flag indicating Korea.  Anyone know of a group of Korean Overwatch players available?

So… what do you think of this new information?  Are the Vancouver Titans the real deal?  Have I started to decipher the code?  Only time, and the broken silence of @VancouverOW, will ever tell.

But boy, do I love a good mystery.

Limited-Time Ashe Loot

As part of the week-long free-to-play period for Overwatch on all platforms (November 20-26 to be exact), you can score yourself some limited-time in-game rewards for Ashe!

Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

How do you grab the free loot you ask?  It’s simple.

First you’ll want to ensure your Blizzard account is linked with your Twitch account.  And then second, you simply need to watch two hours of Overwatch gameplay on Twitch during the free-to-play period – again it’s November 20-26).

So… who you going to watch?

Branding Review III – Paris Eternal

Previously reviewed – Atlanta Reign, Toronto Defiant.

The Overwatch League is a self-proclaimed global league. So when the inaugural season rolled out with 9 teams from the US,  2 from Asia and just a single team from Europe with an all-Korean roster to boot, it was understandable how the EU region felt underrepresented. While it is clear to all that in professional sports, teams must build the best rosters first and worry about local representation second, we cannot ignore the immense value of what we have witnessed in the Paris qualifiers. The French crowd hadn’t just stolen the show but also their homegrown superstar SoOn away from the LA Valiant.

Paris Eternal

Paris Eternal

Could the Parisian team succeed where the Mayhem had failed, and make an all European roster work? Could the passion of the local fans propel them beyond what is expected?

Good – The local flavour is pridefully displayed. The boastful Coq Gaulois (the Gallic Rooster) is a perfect example of a logo with relevance to what the team represents. With the rooster originating as an insult from the enemies of France but later embraced as a proud symbol of their nation, it’s only fitting to be stamped on a plucky team of French / European players that may not appear as the most well-rounded and intimidating roster.

Bad – I know we have just praised the logo, but through no fault of their own, the Eternal have also opened a Twitch chat Pandora’s box (or maybe a bucket). By adopting a cock as their mascot, it is safe to say that the insatiable horde that is Twitch chat is licking their chicken fingers in anticipation for all the culinary (and non-culinary) puns…


Mediocre – While improving over the Defiant’s generic logo and title combo, the Eternal is a rather bland name, that would hopefully grow on us all as the season starts. Also, the  symbolizes infinity, not eternity… which is infinite time I know, but not entirely the same thing.

Next in line, is the Guangzhou Charge.


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