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Episode 90 – All-Stars & Throwbacks

Chris and co-host Sam discuss the Toronto Defiant & Vancouver Titans news of the week, from the Titans’ Tsuna sharing a COVID-19 diagnosis, to the Toronto Defiant looking for a Head Coach and running a cool throwback tournament. Add in the kick off of All-Star weekend… err… weekends for the Overwatch League and there’s lots to talk about.

Episode 48 – The Juice

Chris is joined by co-host Sam to break down everything we learned from BlizzCon. The guys also discuss the continued roster shuffling in the Overwatch League and share all “the juice” they have access to.

Episode 47 – Catch Phrase 2

Chris is joined by co-host Omni to discuss the news that broke the day the last episode released – Harsha is no longer a member of the Vancouver Titans and is now a Houston Outlaw. They also discuss a few of the highlights in a long list of player and personnel transactions around the entire Overwatch League, what’s in store for BlizzCon, and setup everything #TeamRSP is doing for Extra Life Game Day on November 2nd.

Episode 3 – Ashe to Ashe

The Vancouver Overwatch League expansion franchise has still been quiet even though much of the league is making noise. We also learn who Hero 29 in Overwatch will be, see how Canada fared at the Overwatch World Cup and do a run-through of what we learned at BlizzCon.

Developer Update – October 2018

In the October Developer Update, Jeff Kaplan discusses the Overwatch World Cup Viewer, expectations for BlizzCon, and some upcoming Balance Changes to Roadhog, Reaper, Symmetra and Mercy.

If you don’t have enough time to watch the video, here is the TL;DR:

Overwatch World Cup Viewer (BlizzCon)

  • Overwatch World Cup Viewer will allow you to watch all of the matches from a spectator point-of-view.
  • Ability to move cameras around to different players, different points-of-view, even freeview.
  • Top-down icon view showing player positions, ult casting, etc. also included.
  • Beta version only available through the client (PC only)
  • Long-term plan is to allow for this spectator mode to be used fro esports AND personal use.

BlizzCon Expectations

  • Not announcing a new map at BlizzCon

Balance Changes

  • Buffs for Roadhog, Reaper, Symmetra and Mercy.
  • Mercy will receive buff to Valkyrie.
  • Improving how hook feels for Roadhog and improved shotgun consistency.

If there’s anything I’m taking from this developer update beyond the usual, is that this almost confirms a hero announcement at BlizzCon.  It seems odd that Jeff Kaplan would go out of his way to outline no new map announcement to temper expectations, yet mention nothing about a new hero if none was ready to roll out.

So… are we finally getting the Junker Queen?

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