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Episode 93 – Back-to-Back Shock

Chris and co-host Omni discuss the results of the Overwatch League Grand Finals weekend, the back-to-back win by the San Francisco Shock, and how close Sam was to being declared omniscient. They also chat about news the Toronto Defiant will bring back Nathan “KarQ” Chan next season, and share that he’s joining RSP as a guest next week!

Episode 45 – Ready Set Pwnd

The 2019 Overwatch League Grand Finals are in the can and so were the Vancouver Titans after being beaten 4-0 by the San Francisco Shock. Chris is joined by co-hosts Omni & Sam to break down what went wrong map by map, and how their belief that being swept by the Shock was a near impossibility until it wasn’t. Plus there’s a little news on movement around the league and BlizzCon which is only a month away.

The Final Boss

It seems like everything has already been said about these two teams. They were truly the elite teams and they deserve to have made it to the Grand Finals. The key match-up to look out for is the battle of the MVPs. Haksal, the Rookie of the Year and Sinatraa, the league MVP will be going head to head in the grand finals. Let’s get right into the stats.

Titans RecordTitans W%Shock RecordShock W%
Lijiang Tower10-283%6-275%

In this years season playoffs, the Titans have been specialists on control. The Titans are 6-0 so far, but are yet to play on Ilios. The Shock on the other hand lost both control games against the Atlanta Reign in the winners quarterfinals. In every round, the Shock have chosen Busan for the first map, which has paid off. The Titans should be favored on every map, but keeping the Shock out of their comfort zone will be key.

Titans RecordTitans W%Shock RecordShock W%
King’s Row11-285%8-562%

The Shock are really good on hybrid and the Titans are the worst they’ve ever been on this game mode. The only way I see the Titans winning is through pure clutch factor. I’m not really sure what’s changed with the Titans play style, but they haven’t been stellar and the Shock have so many lines of attack. In the Shock’s match against Atlanta, they lost the control map and then opted to play Numbani, they will likely do the same again against the Titans. The worst case scenario is the Titans losing on control then having to waste a map pick on an unwinnable game mode.

Titans RecordTitans W%Shock RecordShock W%
Temple of Anubis10-471%9-0100%
Horizon: Lunar Colony3-260%8-373%

Shock are insane, the Titans might be able to squeeze out a win on Horizon: Lunar Colony but the Shock are just so good. If the Titans take Control and the Shock take Hybrid, Horizon: Lunar Colony could be a key map in the Titans victory plans.

Titans RecordTitans W%Shock RecordShock W%
Watchpoint: Gibraltar7-188%9-0100%

Dorado makes escort a toss up but as the 4th game, it opens up the Shock to picking Busan. The Titans are certainly good there, but this will be a grind.

If the Titans can take the control maps and Dorado, they will only need to clutch a single map from the Shock. Clutch factor is the teams biggest strength but with such a good opponent, they just need to win.

Episode 44 – The Grand Finals Before

It’s the episode before the Overwatch League Grand Finals and Chris is joined by co-hosts Omni & Sam to tell you everything you need to know about them. Before setting up the match for all the cookies between the Vancouver Titans and San Francisco Shock, the boys give details about the Vancouver Titans Homestand ticket pre-sale (LIVE now). They also discuss what you can score by coming to the official Watch Party this weekend. And eventually… eventually… they start talking about bugs. Serious.

Episode 43 – The One With The Potato

The Vancouver Titans are off to the Overwatch League Grand Finals and joining Chris to talk about everything are the regular co-hosts Omni & Sam. Kicking off the episode is a breakdown of the Titans 4-3 win over NYXL, before breaking down the journey the Shock took over the week to book their tickets to Philadelphia. Plus the usual Overwatch news that also finds it’s way into every podcast!

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