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Harbleu to Vancouver?

Earlier today we learned of the partnership between the Vancouver Overwatch League franchise and Luminosity Gaming.

And just a few days ago, we also learned that “former” Luminosity Gaming talent Harbleu was “looking for team.”

What’s further interesting is during a recent stream of his, he stated that he would be on some team, bet it Overwatch League, Contenders or through some other means:

Is it now possible that Vancouver has come into frame?  I could be reaching here, and maybe I am, yet there does seem to be some kismet to this connection.

Vancouver Teams Up With Luminosity Gaming

Having gone over a month without a tweet, let alone any official indication of life, the Vancouver Overwatch League Franchise dropped some serious news earlier today with the announcement of a partnership with Luminosity Gaming.

I’m thrilled and humbled to be teaming up with the Vancouver Canucks and the Aquilini Family.  I want to thank them for believing in me and giving me this opportunity.  Their organization, family & leadership are all first class.  I am confident this will be a successful pairing and hope to make the organization and all of the fans across Vancouver, the Pacific Northwest and Canada proud.

Steve Maida, Founder & CEO of Luminosity

While the exactly details of the partnership will trickle out over the coming days, we do know Luminosity will work closely with the franchise and provide instant organizational credibility.

To ensure we hit the ground running, we have teamed upwith leading Canadian esports organization Luminosity Gaming and its CEO Steve Maida.  they will be working closely with us to help craft and implement our strategy surrounding player acquisition, key staffing, day-to-day operations, marketing and more.

Vancouver Overwatch

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