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Episode 98 – R.S.P. is F.A.K.E.

Chris and co-hosts Omni & Sam discuss the recent signings of the Toronto Defiant and hazard a guess if we’ll ever hear more from the Vancouver Titans. Chris also sits down with Jordan (@SirDrJM) in our newest segment “The Meta,” to hear about how he came to support the Titans.

Episode 97 – Knocking the Sky

Chris and co-hosts Omni & Sam discuss the hot rumour, broken by Team RSP, that Agilities will be making his way to Vancouver to join the Titans for 2021. They also chat about the return of Beast to the Defiant, and the departure of GM Albless. And as always, they take a look at the goings-on throughout the rest of the Overwatch League.

Episode 95 – The Meta Debut

Chris and co-hosts Omni & Sam discuss the “finality” of the changes taking place in Toronto, as well as them re-signing Logix and adding KDG as Head Coach. Chris is then joined by Mario (AKA @SuperMario98) who talks about his support of the Toronto Defiant in the new fan-focused segment, “The Meta.”

Episode 94 – Contracts, Changes and KarQ

Chris and co-hosts Omni & Sam discuss the Vancouver Titans keeping three, releasing three, and the status of the remaining one. Plus Nathan “KarQ” Chan, content creator for the Toronto Defiant, sits down with Team RSP to talk about his journey. Add in all the other changes happening around the Overwatch League and in you’re in for a massive episode!

Episode 93 – Back-to-Back Shock

Chris and co-host Omni discuss the results of the Overwatch League Grand Finals weekend, the back-to-back win by the San Francisco Shock, and how close Sam was to being declared omniscient. They also chat about news the Toronto Defiant will bring back Nathan “KarQ” Chan next season, and share that he’s joining RSP as a guest next week!

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