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A Few Words with Mouffin: Canada’s Next Overwatch Star

Walid “Mouffin” Bassal is one of the hot new names in Overwatch. He’s a Canadian streamer who is an absolute monster in ranked play, and with 3 accounts in the top 10 as of writing this, he’s one of the most impressive players not signed to a team. He’s on the same skill tier as streamers like Aimbotcalvin who also has many top 500 accounts. As his only pro appearance was as a stand in with Envy, he’s walked into team Canada’s World Cup trials as a complete unknown. Well, everyone knows who he is now.

Mouffin was nice enough to take some time out of his busy schedule to answer some questions for us.

To a lot of Overwatch fans unfamiliar with high tier ranked play, it might seem like you appeared one day. After Thursdays tryouts, there was a Reddit thread titled “Where did Mouffin come from?” What do you want this new influx of fans to know about you?

Yeah I really did just appear out of nowhere to be honest. Team Envy’s coach needed someone to fill in for a day so they just reached out to me and asked me if I could play. All I do is grind and grind ladder (ended 3 accounts top 10 in season 16) and they saw that and heard good things about me and said why not. But yeah I really was under the radar until I finally submerged from outta nowhere. I gotta thank team Envy’s coach for that opportunity.

I do have the inspiration to go pro and I would love to get there, but for now I’m just streaming until I get a really good offer that I can’t pass up on. It sounds weird though usually people would build their way up from open division but I love streaming right now and I feel like I can still grind my mechanics on ladder. Team play is important still so that’s why I still review other off tank mains VODs. I’m a fast learner I’d say to be honest.

About me though I’m born in Canada but my parents are from Lebanon, I’ve been playing and streaming since beta. Hit Rank 1 back in February and once again last month. D.va is my specialty, especially pilot D.va

We figured that you’re from Canada, where in Canada did you grow up? Did you grow up in an environment that supported you when it came to gaming?

Oh I live in Ontario! No my environment does not understand gaming and esports. They still don’t understand it, its like they’re living in the 1950’s but they don’t support it but I want to prove them wrong, I feel like I truly have something special. It’s my lil talent :>

You mentioned you’ve been playing Overwatch since the beta came out, did your gaming career start with Overwatch?

Well casually it started since I was a kid. I cant tell what was my first game but I played a bunch of web browser games as a kid. I’d say ever since I was 5? I played an fps game when I was 8/10 years old. I played a variety of games up to now.

What other FPS games did you play? Did growing up playing FPS games affect how you play Overwatch? Is there anything you felt like you already understood coming into the game that other players had to learn the hard way?

Uh Delta Force was my very first game, I remember playing Battlefield, Halo, Call of Duty, some PS2 space FPS game, a bunch of PC FPS games like Counter Strike, Combat Arms but the game I played the most out of them was Call of Duty. 🙂 I was the game that really drove me competitive with games.

I’d like to say not really? I dunno, maybe yes because I instantly got good at the game after finally learning everything about it.

I was playing Smite (MOBA) before Overwatch, and Overwatch was sorta like a MOBA so I got the hand of it quickly.

Let’s talk ranked. With 2-2-2 coming to all game modes, being able to play all the heroes in a certain role is a necessary skill. How does this make you feel as someone who’s known primarly for their D.va play?

Honestly, I feel like I have the mechanical skill for 90% of the hero roster, its just the knowledge and experience that I’m missing for some of the heroes. I’ve already held my own on DPS against Kragie and Kabaji before as Reaper and actually made Kabaji switch to reaper as well LOL, my supports are a bit iffy but after a few hours I honestly think I’ll be fine.

It gives me a new incentive and would deem pretty fun to watch and experience. I absolutely love the new change and forces others to learn either new roles or heroes.
I’m excited 🙂

Is there anything you’re nervous about now that as a tank you have to play a lot more Roadhog and Zarya?

My hog is completely fine, just a few tweaks honestly but I feel like its getting to the level where its almost as good as my D.va just not there, my Zarya is iffy though, I’m trying to look over my vods to see what I can do better but its a bit rough. With 2-2-2 we could always just run monkey D.va or Orisa Hog, xQc and I were amazing with the synergy with both comps so yeah nervous on my Zarya

Ranked play has been Orisa and Roadhog strategies for a long time now and the Overwatch League players have been stuck playing GOATS all year. Do you think that as a player who plays mostly ranked it gives you an advantage over the OWL players in your tryouts?

I honestly don’t think so, there’s a bunch of strategies and experience that these OWL players have been taught, and they’ve been coached for such a long time period.

All I got is myself, but after playing with team Envy and them talking to me about strategies and scenarios, I’ve learnt a ton already and was able to put them to good use in the contenders match for the 4-0, and I believe I also put them in the team Canada tryout. If anything my mechanics got sharper cause of ranked but that’s all.

Moving onto the national team. From what I understand, you’re one of the few players invited to try out for Team Canada without a team. How does it feel being one of the few non-established pros? Did you come into scrims feeling like you had even more to prove?

Yeah I did, and I felt like I couldn’t let anyone down or let my team be tilted/sad so I was seriously freaking out and getting nervous, hands were shaking, I was getting extremely dizzy and would yawn every few seconds or so. But once I got into the game I was able to focus and focus well. After the game was over my nervousness came back. It feels amazing that everyone thinks I’m fit for starter I would have never imagined it but I always doubt myself. But yeah I felt like I had to be a star and put more than 110%% of my effort.

xQc was able to calm me down.

I felt a lot better especially seeing all the support. I really do feel like I have what it takes.

First of all, congrats on hitting 10k followers on Twitch! You mentioned your synergy with xQc earlier, and just now how he helped you to relax. As a streamer known for his PMA, how would you be the one to help him if he tilts during long sessions of Overwatch?

Thanks :D! It was a long journey, I’ve been streaming for almost 4 years now. For that I have to not tilt for myself as well cause that would make things worse. Then I would listen to him and see what he wants to do so I can support him, or what he can do so he can support me, but for the most part I would listen to him and do what he wants, or just follow the game plan.

Yesterday I wasn’t on his team but rewatching vods I saw that his team wasn’t overly communicative with him or following up or listening to him for the most part. Also fake PMA literally just makes things worse sometimes so I’m just polite and always listening instead, that’s true PMA.

This question might be a little blasphemous, but what do you prefer, cupcakes or muffins?

… cupcakes, not even kidding LOL


All cupcakes are good, a lot of muffins are terrible like raisin bran, carrot cake, yuck. Blueberry muffins are cool tho.

I love raisin bran muffins, but i see where you’re coming from.


Finally, can you help settle an argument we have at Ready Set Pwn? Is the true name for Orisa/Roadhog Pulled Pork or Oink & Yoink?

Oink & Yoink, definitely.

Perfect. Any last words for readers?

I don’t know, all I can say is that I haven’t hit my skill cap and I feel like I can still improve significantly so I’m extremely excited and motivated :)! I stream usually, almost every day at twitch.tv./mouffin and you can find me on twitter at @walidthemouffin for any questions 🙂

xQc, Ezire, Mouffin Among Team Canada Standouts

On Tuesday night, Team Canada’s National Overwatch team did a live scrim on Twitch. There were professional players from all levels of Overwatch. With some newcomers stepping up to the plate, this was bound to be an exciting trial. While all the usual suspects did well, there were some outsiders who surprised.

The most argued over spot on team Canada is the main tank role. xQc is the only Canadian main tank to ever play in Overwatch League but many think he’s washed up. His usually childlike (read: toxic) attitude is for his viewers. Watching his stream last night showed he could settle down and focus on the big picture and ignore his chat.

His main competition on the role are Chayne and Akawa. If he keeps playing like last night, he will take the spot on the team.

Part of the reason xQc’s play stood out was his off-tank, Mouffin, played out of his mind all night. Mouffin, usually a D.va specialist, had an impressive showing on Roadhog. Him and xQc combined for some incredible hook combos. They were also on the winning team for 4/5 of the maps, even after they swapped to the other team after Map 2. On their King’s Row first point defense, xQc sent his Halt! ability into the enemy team. It pulled the Orisa above her shield, but the Mercy fled causing her to be wide open to Mouffin’s hook. Mouffin’s team also opted to play Winston/D.va dive, which showed off his skills on his best hero. Mouffin is one of the top off-tanks in ranked, with a peak of 4690.

Mouffin with the top 2 spots in Top 500 and a third in the top 10

Agilities couldn’t play in this scrim block as he had a scheduling conflict. Ezire, of Second Wind, had a very good performance. He played an effective Hanzo, supporting SureFour’s Widowmaker in breaking Orisa’s shield. Ezire was also able to hold his own in the sky duel of Pharahs against Mangachu. He mirrored Mangachu’s use of Mei to protect his team from Halt/Hook combos from the enemy tanks. Canada’s 2018 national team was all OWL players. The 3 DPS players are all OWL players and it’ll be a tough lineup for Ezire to crack. Based on his play on Tuesday, he will be on the shortlist of substitutes.

Team Canada’s tryouts continue Thursday August 18th at 8PM and Saturday August 20th at 8PM.

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