While waiting for a tardy member of my fire team to arrive to give Crota what for years back, a couple of Guardians (who shall remain unnamed) decided to race each other to the bridge to determine who knew how to Destiny best. As I was chosen to be the official of this epic race, I appointed myself race starter and proclaimed, “Ready? Set? PWN!”

As I listened to those in party chat laugh at my irreverence, or quite possibly at me, it struck me that those three words could be used for a blog, or a podcast, or a brand of some sort.

The next day back in 2016, the domain came to be.

And here it sat.

Overwatch - Anniversary 2018
Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

The Impetus for Change

Over the past few years I thought of what I could make of this site & even went as far creating some content – a few posts & a video review.  Yet it just didn’t resonate with me.  I even thought I could create a gaming podcast, yet that didn’t happen either.

Then this happened:

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