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Episode 94 – Contracts, Changes and KarQ

Chris and co-hosts Omni & Sam discuss the Vancouver Titans keeping three, releasing three, and the status of the remaining one. Plus Nathan “KarQ” Chan, content creator for the Toronto Defiant, sits down with Team RSP to talk about his journey. Add in all the other changes happening around the Overwatch League and in you’re in for a massive episode!

Episode 93 – Back-to-Back Shock

Chris and co-host Omni discuss the results of the Overwatch League Grand Finals weekend, the back-to-back win by the San Francisco Shock, and how close Sam was to being declared omniscient. They also chat about news the Toronto Defiant will bring back Nathan “KarQ” Chan next season, and share that he’s joining RSP as a guest next week!

Episode 92 – The Grand Final Before

Chris and co-hosts Omni & Sam setup the 2020 Overwatch League Grand Final and give their predictions on who will win it all. They also talk about what’s going on in the world of the Toronto Defiant, when we might see moves from them and the Vancouver Titans, and discuss all the changes happening throughout the league.

Episode 91 – The S Stands For Suspended

Chris and co-host Omni discuss news that Assistant Coach Wheats is no longer with the Vancouver Titans, the results of the Toronto Defiant Throwback tourney, Asia all-stars and a wacky Twitter suspension for Ready Set Pwn.

Episode 90 – All-Stars & Throwbacks

Chris and co-host Sam discuss the Toronto Defiant & Vancouver Titans news of the week, from the Titans’ Tsuna sharing a COVID-19 diagnosis, to the Toronto Defiant looking for a Head Coach and running a cool throwback tournament. Add in the kick off of All-Star weekend… err… weekends for the Overwatch League and there’s lots to talk about.

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